3 Best Substitutes For Hanger Steak

hanger steak substitute
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hanger steak substitute

Are you looking forward to the adventure of exploring and eating multiple flavorful beef cuttings but are failed to find it all along? Well, it’s quite familiar when it comes to searching particular beef cuts such as Hanger Steaks. Given how tasteful and perfectly tender hanger steak is, you hardly track this piece of meat down. Getting hanger steaks in restaurants might be easy as you pay them to cook you some. However, grocery stores are almost out of hanger steaks. Why? Are there any substitutes for hanger steak? What are they? Well, we will assess all of your queries in this post. Stay there!

How Is Hanger Steak Extracted?

When you isolate the more decadent flavors of rib-eye steak and cross it with beef tenderloin, hanger steak is formed. Given that, we can say that hanger steak is extracted from the plate section, which is beneath the ribs. Hanger steak has full-fat beef content. 

With the same rib section, you get short ribs and ground/minced beef. Moreover, skirt steak is also taken from the same region. 

By now, you must have a good idea of how a hanger steak from beef is extracted. This piece of the meet is a delicious beef cutting, hanging from the cow’s diaphragm and the lower belly. This steak is specifically very juicy and tender and is high in demand because of all the rich content.

Why Do I Rarely Find Hanger Steak?

As we have discussed, mostly grocery stores have hanger steaks significantly less in stock. People usually suffer from finding one for them. Why are they always out? We’ll tell you because cows have a single hangar. Almost every grocery store rarely has hanger steaks available as there is only one hanger per animal. Okay, this is understandable. 

I remember once I was driving to groceries for hanger steaks but returned upset. THERE WAS NO HANGER STEAK! Well, let me tell you all; this isn’t the issue anymore. Why so? You can use other beef steaks as great alternatives for hanger steaks. We assure you your recipe with hanger steak’s options will be as good as it could be with hanger steak. 

Can I Use Alternatives/Substitutes For Hanger Steaks?

Of course, you can. You don’t have to stay bound from grilling steamy beefy hanger steaks even when they are out of stock. There are always substitutes as juicy and tender as the actual piece. Do not disrupt your cooking cycle and continue cooking your heart desired recipe. We will tell you some suitable substitutes for hanger steaks. 

What Are The Best Substitute For Hanger Steak?

Here are some commendable substitutes for hanger steak. Choose whichever is available or seem to suit your recipe.

  1. Shoulder Tender Steak
  2. Skirt Steak
  3. Flank Steak

1. Shoulder Tender Steak:

Shoulder tender steak is one the best alternative for hanger steak. We can safely say that it is as delicate, juicy, rich in fat, and wealthy as hanger steak.

Shoulder steak contributes to the large primal from the shoulder region of the cow. This steak is famous in various recipes for its richly beefy flavors. 

Shoulder steak, just like hanger steak, is reasonably moderate for slow-cooking. Besides this, people cook much tender, grill-ready, and juicy recipes from this steak.

2. Skirt Steak:

Skirt steak holds the same richly grained beefy flavor as hanger steak. This hanger steak alternative can be chewed well even though it’s tough and consistent. You should consider this alternative after shoulder tender steak.

3. Flank Steak:

When you extract a piece of flesh from the abdominal muscles and lower chest region of your cow’s steer, you get the Flank Steak. Being taken from the rich muscle region, this steak is very famous among beef lovers. 

French butchers call the Flank Steak bavette while Brazilians refer it to as Saldanha.

Final Thoughts:

Hanger steak is rare to be available, which is why we have come up with the best substitutes you can choose to grill or cook. First of all, consider every ounce of beef is supremely delicious. None is inferior. You will surely enjoy your cooker recipe with this thought. Moreover, you can choose from any alternative above. All will taste equally tender and juicy. Still, got some queries? Ask away! 

hanger steak substitute
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