Flank Steak vs Top Round: What’s The Difference?

flank steak vs top round
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flank steak vs top round

Are you a meat lover who can’t get over beef? Beef is a commonly consumed meat worldwide. It is not only because of the high nutrient content but also the flavor. Beef is a versatile ingredient that has overpowered every kitchen except that of vegans.

Be the beef broth or roasted or grilled beef, it is hard not to fall for it. If you are the one going to the grocery store for shopping, you would often face various terminologies. So, you might be wondering the difference between flank steak and round top. So, we would ease your task, as this flank steak vs top round discussion will discuss both meat cuts in detail.

Flank Steak vs Top Round

Flank Steak

Flank steak is one of the most unique steaks with amazing flavor beyond comparison. The meat of this steak is a little bit chewier in comparison to other steaks. Settle this confusion right here and now, flank steak is not a steak. It is just a cut from the abdominal muscles of a cow.

No one can deny its amazing and flavorful taste. Combined with these benefits, it is affordable. Another benefit is that it has no fat content at all. Thus, it is necessary not to overcook it. If you make this mistake, flank steak becomes dry and tough.

The cut is tough, and you need some expertise to cook it in the right way. However, you do not need to spend time trimming. You can extract the richest flavor by marinating it. The marinade includes soya sauce, garlic, and a sweet touch from honey. You can try out any other marinade too. Use the manual tenderizing mallet or cook the flank slowly.

Flank steak is highly versatile. It is famous for fajitas and especially preferred for stuffing, rolling, and tying of recipes such as pinwheel, braciola. It is used while making London broil and is extensively used in Asian cuisines. Let the steak rest for some time before serving to get the best texture. Make sure to slice against the grain to prevent a chewy steak.

This cut of beef offers a rich and beefy flavor. Since marinating helps elevate the taste, it also adds a citrusy taste.

You can freeze the flank steak for a year or refrigerate the cooked one for four days.

We assure you this beefy cut can serve your taste buds in the best way possible. So, try it out if you haven’t so far.

Top Round

This beef cut unlike the flank steak comes from the leg muscles. The top round has the word round because the meat comes from the inside of the leg. There are various shapes in which you can buy the cut. The cut is lean and has no fat content whatsoever. It has a tough texture, but you can easily control this side. Just like flank steak, you can marinate top round too.

The taste matches the top sirloin when you roast and braise. The flavor profile is rich and juicy. You might be surprised how well grilling impacts this beef cut.

This beef cut is excellent for roasting when you do it at a slow temperature. If you want an ideal medium rare top round, slowly cook at a low temperature. Cut it into thin slices and use it in sandwiches. The top round goes well in stews as well.

When buying this cut look out for the red-colored exterior. This will prove that the meat was exposed to oxygen. Similar to flank steak, you can freeze top round for a year and cooked one in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Both the cuts are lean, so the calories in each serving are low. You will get healthy protein without consuming unwanted cholesterol.

Thus, we can conclude that both cuts of beef are quite different from each other in terms of origin. Other features like taste and cooking style vary too. However, each has its distinct characteristics that force us to use both of them in various dishes. The versatility of beef makes it a favorite among chefs and foodies. You cannot ideally substitute them for each other. Use them when the recipe calls for them. Be confident, either way, you will get an amazing result.

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