6 Best Substitutes For Short Ribs

substitute for short ribs
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substitute for short ribs

The juicy, tender, and flavorsome short ribs are a top favorite for many people during a restaurant visit. As the name suggests, these ribs are comparatively shorter than the traditional ribs. The short ribs are taken from beef. The thickness and amount of the meat in a short rib depend on the place of the cut. The cut can be taken from various sites like the chuck, plate, brisket, or a rib. These can be made through braising, roasting, sous vide, boiling, grilling, or even a pressure cooker. Although these are a great choice, some people might be looking for a substitute for short ribs.

The Best Substitute For Short Ribs:

The short ribs have a bone with it and look perfect for restaurant serving. These are highly popular in Korean and Chinese cultures. It takes a long time to cook short ribs. Therefore, you need various types of cooking methods to cook it properly. Also, the short ribs are expensive as compared to traditional ones. These have a high level of fat but rich in iron, Vitamin B6, and manganese. Let’s dive into the alternatives of short ribs.

1. Beef Chuck Roast:

First on our list is the chuck roast. It is cut from above the shoulder level. As it is not cut from the main part of the animal, chuck roast is a cheaper choice. However, this does not take away its juiciness and tender texture. When the chuck is braised, it melts, giving the juicy nature. So, if you want a cheaper but quality alternative, chuck roast is your option.

2. Beef Plate Short Ribs:

Another substitute can be the beef plate short ribs. These are different from the short ribs as they contain higher fat content. The cut is made in the lower part of the cow under the ribs. The higher fat content makes it juicier and ultimately tastier. Make sure not to add a lot of oil while making the beef plate short ribs as they contain fat and cooks the ribs naturally.

3. Beef Back Ribs:

The back ribs are the most popular and liked beef cuts, and are cut larger than the short ribs. It comes from the backbone of the cow, from the muscles around it. They do not have much meat, but its natural flavor flows through and beats every other option. No other cut can beat the smell and texture of the beef back. Serve it with rice, vegetables, or even pasta.

4. Beef Shank:

This cut is taken from the leg of the cow. Beef shanks take nearly six hours to cook, but the result of your effort is sweet and tender beef. The shank cut can be used for steaks and soups. It is not widely available at every shop. However, if you find it anywhere, they are much cheaper than the other beef cuts.

5. Beef Flank: 

The beef flank comes from the belly of the cow and is low in fat. It requires expertise to make it juicy and tender. Flank steaks can be served with vegetables, mushroom sauce, and various spices. Serving Fajita with beef steak will leave your guests licking their fingers. So, keep on altering the options, choosing the best fit in the end.

6. Lamb:

Choosing the best lamb cut is a hard job. However, a suitable substitute for short ribs can be lamb leg, lamb shoulder, or flanks. Lamb leg roast is incredibly popular in the Pashtun environment. Flanks are thin slices cut through the bones of the lamb. The best way to cook the lamb legs and shanks is to braise or roast them. The lamb needs to be cooked properly, or it will leave that weird smell and ruin your dish.

The tender, meaty, and juicy short ribs are an elite dish. It was served at a few restaurants in the past. However, the trend has changed. It is now readily available and even made at home. Now, you know which cuts you need from your butcher.  If you were looking for a change from short ribs or are not a big fan of short ribs, then these substitutes for short ribs must be on your list. Always play with the ingredients, and you will find out the right blend.

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