5 Best Substitutes For Cashew Paste

cashew paste substitutes
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cashew paste substitutes

Ranging from smoothies to ice creams and sauces, cashew paste is widely used. It is generally used as the cooking cream for adding a creamy texture. However, it can be hard to find which is why we are sharing the cashew paste substitutes for you!

Cashew Paste Substitutes

Cashew paste is a creamy and smooth addition to sauces, ice creams, and smoothies. It is a dairy-free cooking cream and has become a vegan option. It can be used for adding a creamy texture to the recipes. Cashew paste is an apt option for option who want to reduce the dairy intake. Some users also add water to change the consistency of paste according to their recipe.

Cashew paste can be made by grinding cashews to receive the smooth paste form. It is a perfect option for thickening the curries and sauces. However, it has a runny texture, so keep that in mind. The best thing about cashew paste is a great option for people who are trying to cut down on gluten and dairy contents. In colder regions, cashew paste might have a solid form, so you can heat it up.

Cashew paste has a buttery and mild flavor which makes it suitable for baking purposes. When added to cookies, it will deliver a chewy texture. Some people also add it to homemade chocolate. Also, it is used in savory dishes in Indian cuisines, such as cashew chicken and butter chicken. Generally, it has a creamy yet rustic texture with a mildly sweet and nutty flavor. Now, let’s check out the substitutes!

1) Hazelnut Paste

Truth be told, there can be no better substitute for cashew paste than hazelnut paste. This is an enriched option and will add an earthy and unique flavor to the recipe. It has a smooth and silky texture which improves the creaminess of the recipe. It has a nutty fragrance with hints of hazelnut. Hazelnut paste can be added to the desserts to replace cashew paste. In addition, some people use it as bread spreads. As far as the availability is concerned, it’s readily available in the grocery stores.

2) Pine Nut Paste

Yes, pine nut paste is a great replacement for cashew paste, but it will have a high oil content. What we love about pine nut paste is that it’s extremely creamy. However, you must keep in mind that this paste has a unique and strong fragrance and flavor but is extremely delicious. Some people believe that pine nut paste has a woody undertone. We suggest that you start with less amount of pine nut paste because the strong flavor can overpower the recipe.

3) Almond Paste

If you want to stick to the nutty spreads and pastes, almond paste is a great option. For making the almond paste, almonds have to be crushed to make the paste. Crushing the almond will impart a strong flavor as compared to whole almonds. Still, the flavor will be mild. When you go to buy the almond paste, it might go by the name “marzipan.”

The almond paste can add a rustic and creamy texture to the recipe while adding the nutty fragrance and flavor. The store-bought almond paste has additive sugar, which leads to the sweeter flavor, so keep those sweet tones in mind. However, if you don’t want additional sugar content, just crush the almonds to make your own paste without any additives.

4) Tahini

Yes, we understand that it’s not the nut-based option, but you can opt for tahini as well. It can be used for replacing cashew pate in savory recipes, such as hummus. It is usually used in the Mediterranean and the Middle East regions. Tahini is often confused with sesame seed paste, but they are different things. That being said, tahini has a light color and is made from unroasted seeds.

Tahini has a slightly bitter taste. Tahini is a suitable option if you want to add a bit of tanginess and nutty flavor to the recipe. In addition, tahini adds a smooth texture.

5) Sunflower Seed Paste

The sunflower seed paste is an apt substitute for cashew paste if you want to replicate the flavor and texture. This paste will add a nutty and soft flavor to the recipe. However, these seeds have a high oil content which means the texture will be creamier. Some people opt for sunflower seed butter as well (it’s a great option but has added sugar).

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