5 Best Substitutions For Coconut Butter

substitutions for coconut butter
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substitutions for coconut butter

If you have a knack for coconut or love the coconut flavor, we are certain that you like coconut butter. Truth be told, coconut butter is a revelation in the field and can spruce up desserts or toasts.

On the contrary, coconut butter can be extremely expensive, but there are some suitable substitutions for coconut butter. With this article, we are sharing the details about coconut butter and the alternatives!

Substitutions For Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is a delicious and creamy spread that is extremely easy to use. Coconut butter only has two main ingredients and can be whipped up in a few minutes. This is the spreadable and creamy paste that’s made from coconut flesh. Coconut butter can be spread on the bread if you want to enjoy a delicious toast.

In addition, coconut butter adds an amazing flavor to smoothies and can be used as a dip for waffles. Some people also use coconut butter for apples. The best thing about coconut butter is that it can replace conventional butter in vegan recipes. Coconut health can be bought from some grocery stores and health stores. Now, let’s check out the substitutes!

1) Coconut Oil

To begin with, coconut oil is the first substitute for coconut butter, but there are some differences. First of all, coconut oil and butter have different textures. This is because when it’s heated up, coconut oil takes up the liquid form. Coconut oil can replace coconut butter for adding fat to the recipe. Generally, it’s best to replace coconut butter in baked recipes.

In addition, coconut oil can be used for sauteing the veggies (if you are making stir-fries). On the contrary, coconut oil doesn’t have coconut flesh. However, the absence of coconut flesh will impact the taste. Unliked coconut butter, you cannot use coconut oil with apples, waffles, or toasts. So, coconut oil can only replace coconut butter in baked recipes.

2) Peanut Butter

Yes, we understand that peanut butter and coconut butter have different flavors, which is why it’s only a good substitute for replicating the consistency and texture. That’s because peanut butter is a spread made from roasted and grounded peanuts. However, it has sweeteners and salt for enhancing the flavor and texture. Peanut butter is widely used in different countries and is readily available.

Peanut butter is rich in nutrients as it includes proteins, dietary minerals, and vitamins. It can be used on toast, waffles and can be eaten with fruits. In addition, it can be added to smoothies and desserts. Peanut butter has a salty flavor with a crunchy texture. However, it doesn’t have a coconut taste, so only add to the recipes when you want to replicate the texture and consistency of coconut butter.

3) Almond Butter

Almond butter is another substitute for coconut butter when you want to copy the texture and consistency of coconut butter. Almond butter is actually a food paste that’s made by grinding almonds with nut butter. Almond butter has a smooth yet crunchy texture which is just perfect for replicating the coconut butter.

There are roasted as well as raw almond butter available, but it depends on the types of almonds used for making almond butter. So, if you want to replace coconut butter with almond butter, we suggest that you do it for baked goods, waffles, and toasts. Obviously, there is a difference in flavor, so you can only copy the consistency.

4) Chocolate With Coconut Flavor

In case you want to replicate the coconut flavor of coconut butter, you have to use coconut-flavored chocolate. Keep in mind that using coconut-flavored chocolate will not have the texture of coconut butter, so just use it for baked recipes to match the coconut flavor. There are various coconut-flavored chocolates out there, but we suggest that you opt for white chocolate.

5) Cashew Butter

Again, if you want to use the spread and don’t really care about coconut flavor, cashew butter is a good option. Cashew butter has a creamy and rich flavor and can be used as a food spread. Cashew butter is made from roasted and/or baked cashews. It is rich in unsaturated fats, proteins, and vitamin B, so it’s pretty healthy. All in all, it can be used as a dip for apples (yes, just like coconut butter).

Also, cashew butter is suitable for replacing coconut butter in smoothies for adding rich consistency. Last but not least, cashew butter can be spread on toasts and waffles.

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