Can You Cook Raw Chicken In Soup?

can you cook raw chicken in soup
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can you cook raw chicken in soup

Ranging from full-course dinners to evening snack or appetizers, soups are found everywhere. Also, we don’t mind saying that soups are extremely delicious and everyone has a place for soup. On the contrary, people ask, “can you cook raw chicken in soup?” With this article, we are sharing this information with you!

Can You Cook Raw Chicken In Soup?

In the majority of cases, soups are made by making the stock first, which means you can always add the raw chicken at the end of the soup cooking process. In case you have to add thigh chicken pieces or breast chicken pieces, you can add them to the broth or stock and cook for around half an hour.

However, before you add the chicken to the soup, it is suggested to remove chicken from the broth or stock and cool it down. Once the chicken is cooled down, you can shred the chicken and add it to the soup later.

Personally, we suggest that you simmer the raw chicken in the stew pot to ensure it adds a savory flavor to the broth and soup. In addition, simmering the raw chicken will keep it moist (who likes dry chicken, right?). In case you are following the one-pot recipe for making soup, you can add raw chicken to the stew pot along with the vegetables. However, in this case, you have to be mindful of the heating temperature to ensure the safety of the chicken.

To illustrate, you need to heat the chicken at a safe temperature to ensure the chicken is well-cooked. In case you are worried about safety when cooking raw chicken in the soup, it’s completely fine, but you have to ensure ample cooking time.

This is because the conventional chicken soups are made by boiling the whole chicken in water and putting in vegetables after proper shredding. For the most part, chicken can be cooked for around thirty minutes at medium heat for proper cooking of chicken.

You have to keep in mind that boiling the chicken will result in drying up, and the flavors will be lost. Moreover, you need to remain careful about cooking the chicken (never overcook it because it results in burning flavor).

According to culinary experts, raw chicken can be added to the soup without compromising on safety. However, it is better to sear the chicken because it results in better flavors and savory tones. Also, when you add seared chicken, it might change the color of the soup.

Additional Things To Consider

When it comes down to chicken, it has the chance of harmful bacteria, which must be destroyed during cooking. For this reason, it is essential to cook chicken for ample time (twenty to thirty minutes are essential) because it helps kill the bacteria. The users can add uncooked vegetables and chicken to the stew pot together (the bacteria will be killed when the pot reaches 160-degrees Fahrenheit).

However, the safe cooking times are different for every chicken piece. For instance, boneless chicken takes half an hour, the bone-in breast takes forty minutes, while wings and thighs need around fifty minutes.

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