6 Best Substitutes For Fresh Ginger Root

substitutes for fresh ginger root
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substitutes for fresh ginger root

There are some spices and herbs that cannot be replaced and are found in every kitchen. One of these ingredients is fresh ginger root. We are certain that you’ve some ginger already at home but some people have switched to ginger pastes. So, if you are looking for a substitution for fresh ginger root, we are sharing the details with you!

Substitutes For Fresh Ginger Root

Fresh ginger is available in mature as well as young forms. The young ginger roots are generally known as spring ginger and have thin yet pale skin. For the most, these roots won’t need peeling and the flavor is generally milder and the flesh is tender. The young ginger roots can be julienned, grated, and chopped.

On the other hand, mature ginger root tends to have tough skin which has to be peeled to get the flesh. It can be chopped, grated, and grounded if you want to use it in recipes. For the most part, ginger is widely used in Chinese stir-fry recipes and Indian curries and gravies. In addition, there are multiple recipes that depend on ginger for its unique flavor. Now, let’s check out the alternatives.

1) Ground Ginger

If you cannot find fresh ginger root in its full form, you can always opt for ground ginger. To be honest, it might not be the best alternative but it’s the best one that you have. This substitute can be used in Chinese stir-fry recipes and fried rice. However, when you are using this substitute, keep in mind that you’ve to be mindful about the quantity because the ground finger has all the juices extracted out, making it more concentrated.

2) Candied Ginger

If you are don’t know what candied ginger is, you can always get it from the grocery store and it is also known as crystallized ginger. For the most part, it is available in the dried fruit aisle of the supermarkets. The candied ginger is made by cooking the ginger roots in water and sugar which makes it sweeter as compared to the raw form. Candied ginger can add a kick of flavor to the recipes and it’s suitable for baking recipes. As far as substitution quantity is concerned, you can use half a cup of candied ginger (in the minced form) in place of one teaspoon of fresh ginger root.

3) Allspice, Nutmeg, Or Cinnamon

If your recipe demanded ground ginger or fresh ginger root, you can use any of these options. The allspice is known as the dry spice which a mildly spicy and sweet flavor. In case you don’t have allspice, you can opt for nutmeg or cinnamon (some people also opt for ground cloves, so whatever you can find in the pantry). Whenever you are using these substitutes, keep in mind that you should start with a pinch because these spices have sharp and enriched flavors.

4) Mace

There are people who have never heard about mace but you don’t need to fret because it’s available easily in the grocery stores. Mace has a rich aroma and it’s basically nutmeg seeds with a lacey coating. If you are concerned about flavor, mace has a warm, sweet, spicy, and peppery flavor. In case your recipe demanded ginger in desserts, you can choose mace. In addition, mace can be found in the spice section of the grocery store.

5) Cardamom Or Turmeric

We are sure that you already have these two ingredients available and they can be used in place of ginger. Be it cardamon or turmeric, both of them are the wonder spices. To begin with, turmeric has a bitter and earthy flavor while cardamom has citrusy and nutty flavors. However, if you opt for the substitutes, you are highly likely to see a difference in the flavor. Also, turmeric can change the appearance of your recipe. All in all, the substitution is possible in a 1:1 ratio.

6) Galangal

For the most part, finding galangal can be challenging but it’s an ideal substitute for fresh ginger root. This root is easy to find in Asian grocery stores and has a combination of turmeric and ginger flavors. In addition, it can be bought online. For the most part, galangal might have a milder flavor as compared to ginger, so you might need to add more galangal.

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