5 Best Substitutes For Borlotti Beans

borlotti beans substitute
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borlotti beans substitute

Borlotti beans, also called cranberry beans, are a type of common beans. They have a unique color with an off-white base or pod, and red color flecks over it. The Borlotti beans are an essential part of cuisine in many countries like Italy, Turkey, and Portugal. They can be grown at home with relative ease. Pods can be eaten as is and are green in color. However, they get their characteristic color once matured. Do you wish to try something different than these lovely beans? We have jotted down a list of Borlotti beans substitute.

Beans are highly nutritious, especially when it comes to protein and fiber. The high protein level is important for muscle health and for men aiming to increase their muscle mass. Fiber tends to fill the stomach and improve digestion. Besides, it has a huge amount of folate and other minerals, including iron, magnesium, thiamine, and many more. Borlotti has a sweet, mild taste, whereas it has a creamy texture. Borlotti beans come in canned, dried, or fresh form. These are used in soups, salads, and stews. Vegans and celiac disease patients can incorporate these beans into their diet.

Borlotti beans substitute

1. Kidney beans

Yes, they are kidney-shaped, oval overall with a curve on one side. Even after cooking, these legumes do not lose their shape. These dark red beans can make an excellent substitute for Borlotti beans in terms of taste, texture, and health benefits. The beans can be used for various purposes like in salads, chili con carne, or cooked to form other dips. They have a sweet, mild taste with a soft, smooth texture.

Besides its superb taste, kidney beans have nutritional benefits like Borlotti beans. Rich in protein, fiber, and carbohydrates, these beans are a cheap alternative to meat. Pregnant females can benefit from it since they have high percentages of folate and iron. These beans have other minerals in a beneficial amount as well. Be aware of ingesting in raw form else you can suffer from beans poisoning. 

2. Anasazi Beans

It belongs to the family of kidney beans. Anasazi beans look like Kidney and Borlotti beans both. These beans are relatively smaller, with a blend of white color and pink dots. The flavor is mild, like Borlotti, and can be used as a substitute. Its nutrient profile is like other beans. You can use these new beans as an alternative to Borlotti or Pinto beans.

3. Pinto beans

These are the most popular beans in American and Mexican food. Pinto beans are a great substitute for Borlotti beans. While using in dried form, Pinto beans need to be soaked in the water overnight to cook them to perfection. The dried form makes the most flavorful beans as compared to the canned ones. You can use them in combination with ground beef, chicken, and even vegetables. Refried beans, a desired dish in Latin American countries, include Pinto beans as well. These beans have a beige or off-white base with red specks all over it. However, the color converts to pink on cooking.

Just like kidney and Borlotti beans, Pinto beans are rich in nutrients. They provide with same health benefits even when consumed in small amounts. Vitamin B1 is a vital constituent in it that provides energy by helping in food processing. In addition, protein, fiber, and other minerals are also present.

4. Chickpeas

These are widely available beans. If you do not have any other beans available, use chickpeas. They are versatile and can be used in many dishes.

5. Cannellini beans

Beans, including Borlotti, kidney, pinto, and cannellini, are common beans. Cannellini is a white kidney bean famous in Italy that has a white color and a nutty taste. You can use the beans with vegetables, in soup, salads, and stews. Hence, the uses in the kitchen and health are numerous.

Beans are a vital ingredient in everyday life. Balanced dietary habits call for beans use. You can take beans every day, and the only side effect they pose is of intestinal issues. Borlotti beans are an amazing blessing that can be substituted with other forms of beans that serve the same purpose as Borlotti. You can cook beans in combination with almost everything. So, incorporate the beans in your diet to benefit from them. It is especially necessary for those who only eat meat.

borlotti beans substitute
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