What Happens If My Pressure Cooker Runs Out Of Water?

what happens if a pressure cooker runs out of water
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what happens if a pressure cooker runs out of water

Pressure cookers are the great updaters to your kitchenware, especially when you want to cook extensive dishes in lesser time. If you belong to a working family, you need this modern kitchen equipment—pressure cooker, to minimize your cooking timeframe. Pressure cookers work much efficiently than conventional pans and cans.

However, cooking with a pressure cooker can be dangerous when you don’t have enough knowledge and hands-on experience with this tool. Pressure cookers running out of the water are among the many emergencies you have to take care of while pressure cooking. Your canner or cooker can explode easily when it runs out of the water and goes dry.

It is always better to look over the risk factors than to experience any emergency. In this article, we will walk you through the consequences you face after getting your pressure cooker run out of the water and using some safety mechanism that will prevent the hazards. Read on. 

What Happens If My Pressure Cooker Runs Out Of Water?

Why Does My Pressure Cooker Run Out of Water?

When you are cooking with the pressure cooker, you need to be extra cautious. Hundreds of risks are connected, and you are tied with them when you are using a pressure cooker. Due to a bit high risk than conventional pots and cans, people put extra water in the cooker regardless of how much the recipe requires. Although, sometimes even the excess water can get evaporated quickly, resulting in an explosion.  

Pressure Cooker Explodes When It Runs Out of Water:

Now many people wonder what happens when their pressure cooker runs out of water. We will tell you. When the nozzle of your cooker is clogged for some reason. The reasons can be overloading your cooker and expanding food going inside the nozzle. So, the clogged nozzle causes the steam pressure not to hold the weight valve properly, so the steam pressure gradually increases due to overheating. This extra heating drives the pressure to reach the point where the head locking mechanism cannot overcome the heat. This is how your pressure cooker explodes!

What Are the Safety Mechanisms to Prevent Pressure Cooker Explosion?

Your pressure cooker indeed explodes when it runs out water, but if you keep a check on a few safety mechanisms, you will surely get yourself saved from a lot of trouble. Here are some safety tools in your pressure cooker.

  1. The Pressure Regulator:

This part covers the upper area of the nozzle to ensure the cooker doesn’t explode.

  1. Safety Plug:

When the pressure cooker’s metal exceeds the melting point, the safety starts to meltdown to prevent an explosion.

Moreover, if you forget to put enough water in the cooker, the safety plug will dissipate the cooker’s heated air.

  1. Pressure Valve:

If the water inside the cooker converts to steam, the pressure valve will be released to let you know about the emergency.

These quick and easy safety mechanism features need to be looked over to avoid your pressure cooker explosion. 

what happens if a pressure cooker runs out of water
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