What Are Beef Tips? (Types & Usage)

what are beef tips
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what are beef tips

Every non-vegetarian person would know how beef is one of the most special meat type out there with its amazing taste and the cuts that have bestowed us with steaks. Well, beef is so much more than steaks, and one such thing is the beef tips. However, not everyone knows about them, and if you are pondering, “what are beef tips?” we have got you covered in this article!

What Are Beef Tips?

To be honest, very few people know about the beef tips, and we didn’t know either until we conducted some research. So, beef tips are the outcome of the cuttings of the tenderloin. Initially, the pieces of tenderloin that were too small to be used in steaks were used as beef steaks, but the increase in the number of recipes resulted in people using different beef cuts to make “real” beef tips rather than using the leftovers of the tenderloin.

With this being said, it’s pretty clear that you can use either cut of beef, but we suggest using it from the tenderloin, chuck roast, or sirloin. Some people are using the already cut stew meat from the grocery store to make beef tip recipes, but you can buy the chuck roast and cut out the beef tips yourself. This is because it’s a more economical choice, but you will also have the right cuts. On top of everything, it will have just-right fat content, which promises tenderness after hours of braising.

When it comes down to the huge retailers, they tend to buy the entire steers, which allows them to make roast and steak cuts. From the top part, the loin and ribs are cut out while the muscular parts provide stuff for rump roasts, round steaks, and corned beef. So, whatever is left from the steer is made into the beef tips and stew meat. Some people tend to confuse them with stew beef, but it tends to be less tender.

So, whenever you are buying the beef tips, make sure to read about the source because it makes sure you aren’t being fooled by the stew meat because you will be stuck with slow heating and cooking.

Different Types of Beef Tips

For everyone who is wondering about different types of beef tips, we have outlined the information in this section. For instance, when you cut out the loin to make tips, it will promise the tender trims which can suffice the fast cooking and high temperature. In the case of tenderloin tips, they are cut out from the most tender cut of the backbone that is usually at the top of the loins. So, the tenderloin tips are actually the trimmings when you cut the tenderloin to make fillets.

Thirdly, there are sirloin tips that are cut out from the tail section or roasts and sirloin steaks. This is the part that’s covered around the ribs. In some cases, the beef tips are cut out and trimmed in a triangular shape as well. When compared to the stew beef, beef tips have a higher fat content that has promising and tasty flavor too.

Usage of Beef Tips

For people who are concerned about how beef tips are made, keep in mind that their higher flavor content makes sure that you don’t need excessive seasonings to bring out the flavor. For making the restaurant-grade beef tips, you can sear and brown them after applying the flour coating. Usually, the beef tips are served over the rice and noodles while a pan is used for dripping the sauces. By the side, it has bread that is topped with the sauces as well.

The beef tips are usually braised with the sauce and served with the cellophane noddle. On top of everything, the beef tips can be cooked quickly and make a great ingredient for kabobs and sukiyaki. Usually, the tenderloin part is used to make out beef tips. You need to be mindful of the beef tip source to determine the cooking time, recipe, and seasonings. In addition, the beef tip cut from different sources can impact the overall flavor.

The bottom line is that beef tips are actually the leftovers from the different meat cuts because why mind when it has the proper tenderness and flavor?

what are beef tips
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