8 Best Substitutes For Unsweetened Apple Juice

substitutes for unsweetened apple juice
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substitutes for unsweetened apple juice

Apple juice is a regular part of our lives. It doesn’t matter if you sip it or add it to the recipes; it is used for different purposes. Similarly, there are sweetened as well as unsweetened versions of apple juice. However, the latter one is pretty hard to find, which is why we are sharing the substitutes for unsweetened apple juice. Let’s check out the details!

Substitutes For Unsweetened Apple Juice

It might sound strange, but it has a fruity and sweet taste. It has the minerals and vitamins but will still have the calories. Still, it’s ideal to consume unsweetened apple juice in a moderate amount because it still has sugar content. Even more, it’s not filling. Now, let’s move to the substitutes!

1) Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is the first and the best substitute for unsweetened apple juice. It is readily available and can be made at home as well if you’ve lemons. It has a high acidic content, but the pH will be much lower. Besides, the acidy taste along with fruity tones will easily substitute unsweetened apple juice. However, it’s better to start with a small amount of lemon juice because the flavor can be intense in some recipes.

2) Rice Wine Vinegar

When you want to substitute unsweetened apple juice, this wine vinegar is a good option. That’s because it will have a fruity flavor, but the sweetness level will be mild. Even more, it will bring out the acidy taste. However, it doesn’t boast the nutritional benefits of apple juice, but it can be added to salad dressing. If you want to improve/increase the fruity flavor, you can add a bit of lemon juice.

3) Red Wine Vinegar

In the first place, this vinegar will have a different color from apple juice. Rice wine vinegar has an intense flavor, but the taste tends to be harsh. For using it as a substitute for unsweetened apple juice, you have to use a smaller amount, but you can add more if the recipe demands. Last but not least, the red color can change the appearance of the recipe/dish.

4) White Wine

If you cannot get your hands on white wine vinegar, white wine cane be used for substituting unsweetened apple juice. For substituting one tbsp. of apple juice, you can use two tbsp. of white wine. This quantity will easily replicate the flavor and taste. In addition, it has a similar fruit and sweet flavor.

5) Apple Cider

Apple cider works as a great substitute for unsweetened apple juice and is readily available. It is known as soft cider as well, so get whatever you can find. It is made from apple and has an unsweetened and unfiltered form. It’s obvious that apple cider is extracted from apples (the core, to be precise). Some variants are also made by extracting the apple culls. Apple cider is usually pasteurized for killing bacteria, and it also increases the shelf life.

6) White Wine Vinegar

In addition to red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar can also be used for substituting unsweetened apple juice. This should be used in smaller quantities because it has a strong flavor. However, you can add more vinegar as well if your recipe demands. White wine vinegar has a sharp flavor, but it won’t have a fruity flavor. For this purpose, you can add a bit of lemon juice because it brings out fruity tones.

7) Orange Juice

If you don’t want alcoholic substitutes for unsweetened apple juice, orange juice makes a good option. It is better to use natural or fresh orange juice. This is because the fresh orange juice can replicate the slight sweetness and fruity tones. Whole adding the orange juice, just start with the lower amount because it can add sour undertones as well.

8) Soda

Yes, you heard that right! Sodas can be used for substituting unsweetened apple juice. You can use ginger ale or sprite for this purpose. Sprite will add the lemon and minty flavor with an acidy taste. That being said, you can add sprite in a smaller amount. As for ginger ale, it has a slight ginger flavor, which makes it a good option. But again, use the smaller amount of ginger ale because you don’t want the ginger flavor to dominate the recipe.

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