8 Best Substitutes For Lemon Juice In Cheesecake

substitute for lemon juice in cheesecake
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substitute for lemon juice in cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most delicious desserts for people who like mild-sweet flavor. If you’ve ever baked a cheesecake, you would know that lemon juice is an essential ingredient. This is because lemon juice has an acidic nature which helps in the optimal rising of the cake and helps retain the structure. On the contrary, if you don’t have lemon juice, we have some substitutes for lemon juice in cheesecake!

Best Substitute For Lemon Juice In Cheesecake

1) Lime Juice

So, what if you don’t have lemon juice? You can always use lime juice because it’s the perfect substitute. It’s the one-on-one replacement of lemon juice since it has a similar acidity level and flavor. In addition to making cheesecake, you can also substitute lemon juice with lime juice for preserving the food and canning.  However, when added to cheesecake, the flavor will be a bit different and will be tarty.

2) Orange Juice

If you don’t even have lime juice, you can opt for orange juice because it’s the citrus fruit, after all. However, the tart is lesser and the flavor will be sweeter and lesser on the acidic side. However, the flavor profile of orange juice will be different, so it might impact the flavor. However, it’s fine as a substitute.

3) Vinegar

When you have to add a small amount of lemon juice but cannot find it, you can add vinegar. This is because vinegar makes an apt substitute for lemon juice since it has an acidic nature with a tarty flavor. However, keep in mind that vinegar will have a pungent flavor with strong notes. So, the small amount of vinegar will work great in cheesecake.

4) Citric Acid

Lemon juice is citric, lime juice is citric, and if you cannot find any of them, opting for citric acid will be the right choice. Citric acid makes a great substitute for lemon juice for baking the cheesecake. For instance, around five grams of citric acid will go perfectly in place of half cup lemon juice. With this being said, a small amount of citric acid is required. However, if you want to maintain the ratios, you can always add additional liquid on the top. Above all, adding citric acid will preserve the nutrients.

5) Lemon Zest

In case you want the acidity and flavor of lemon but don’t want the lemon juice, you can switch to using the lemon zest for cheesecake. Also, you can use dried as well frozen lemon zest, whatever you have available on your hands. Lemon zest works aptly in various recipes and desserts where the lemon flavor is the preferred flavor. However, while baking the cheesecake, you must add liquid to ensure the flavor turns out great.

6) White Wine

Who knew wine makes a great ingredient for cheesecake when you cannot find lemon juice? With this being said, always try to use the smallest possible amount in cheesecake if you want to substitute lemon juice. Also, this is the one-on-one substitute. Also, the flavor and acidity are similar to lemon juice, so why not? Just be moderate with the amount of white wine!

7) Lemon Extract

When it comes down to finding the right substitute for lemon juice while baking, lemon extract is the right option. It can be easily found in the baking aisle of the grocery store while the flavor will be apt. However, when you want to add it as a substitute, only two one or two drops of lemon extract in the cheesecake. Keep in mind that lemon extract is extremely concentrated, so it’s best that you add some liquid!

8) Cream Of Tartar

You might think that it’s something like cheese cream but the cream of tartar is actually the acidic powder. It can be easily bought from the grocery store. Cream of tartar will help stabilize the cake and cream in general. Also, the cream of tartar is usually available in the baking powder. Overall, it has an acidic nature which makes it a reasonable substitute for lemon juice while baking the cheesecake.

While substituting the lemon juice, use a half teaspoon of sit in place of one teaspoon lemon juice. Again, for making optimal texture, add water because it has a lacking liquid content. Once you add water/liquid, it will be properly mixed!

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