Can I Use Rice Vinegar Instead Of White Vinegar?

can i use rice vinegar instead of white vinegar
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can i use rice vinegar instead of white vinegar

Vinegar is a staple for every kitchen, and white vinegar is readily available as well. White vinegar tends to be an affordable choice. White vinegar has a clear color and a clean flavor/aroma. It is pretty clear that white vinegar holds a place in the pinch. However, it can be replaced if you don’t have white vinegar at hand. For instance, you must have wondered if you can use rice vinegar instead of white vinegar.

Can I Use Rice Vinegar Instead Of White Vinegar?

Is Rice Vinegar The Right Substitute For White Vinyesegar?

Yes, rice water can be used in place of white vinegar. Rice water can be easily used for making light marinades. However, rice vinegar’s acidic nature is pretty less as compared to white vinegar, but it’s still enough to replace white vinegar. If you have always found white vinegar too harsh, rice vinegar is the absolute choice.

Rice vinegar is made from fermented rice and has a major contribution to Asian cuisines, such as soups, stir-fry dishes, and rice dishes. Rice vinegar has a subtle and mild flavor with a sweet taste. It isn’t a good replacement for every dish but works in the majority of cases. As for the seasoning, rice vinegar adds a mild and sweet touch.

Types of Rice Vinegar

The types of rice vinegar vary with types and regional styles. For instance, the properties of rice vinegar are different in Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnamese. Also, it changes with the cuisine. The strength of aroma and iterations differ as well. In this section, we have outlined different types of rice vinegar that can be used to replace white vinegar!

  • Seasoned Rice Vinegar – this vinegar can be used to enhance the flavor of sushi rice. It can also be combined with white rice vinegar and sugar to adds aroma and flavor
  • White Rice Vinegar – this vinegar is the basic vinegar with multi-use properties. This vinegar has a modest taste and is readily available in every grocery store
  • Black Rice Vinegar – this vinegar is usually used as the dipping sauce. In this vinegar, there is a combination of wheat and other grains with glutinous rice that enhances the umami
  • Brown Rice Vinegar – this vinegar offers a higher nutrient ratio along with toasting color. The flavor is pretty mild and is a great replacement for white vinegar
  • Red Rice Vinegar – this vinegar is made from the previously-fermented rice along with other grains. With this combination, the flavor will be sour, sweet, with a pinch of funky
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