How To Cook A Fully Cooked Ham In A Pressure Cooker

How To Cook A Fully Cooked Ham In A Pressure Cooker
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How To Cook A Fully Cooked Ham In A Pressure Cooker

How To Cook A Fully Cooked Ham In A Pressure Cooker

If you have a fully cooked ham and don’t know what to do with it or how to cook it, the very best way to prepare and roast a fully cooked ham is in a pressure cooker. Not only is it delicious, but the process is quick, easy, and non-drying.

Any pressure cooker would work for this kind of job. While most people opt for baking their ham, this can result in dry and brittle ham rather than juicy and delicious ham. One of the most popular types of ham made in a pressure cooker is the honey glazed ham where the glaze melts over the ham, making it crunchy and delicious. Here’s how to cook a fully cooked ham in a pressure cooker.

Steps to Preparing Ham in a Pressure Cooker

The steps below are meant for a four-pound pre-sliced ham, so if you are not using that, be sure to adjust your steps and time accordingly.

1. Wrap the ham in aluminum foil: The first step to reheating and preparing your ham in a pressure cooker is to wrap your pre-sliced ham in aluminum foil. When doing this, make sure your ham still fits into the pressure cooker. This will help the ham to cook faster and more efficiently.

2. Pour 1.5 cups of water into the pressure cooker: In order to efficiently cook your ham, you need a sufficient amount of water in the bottom of the pressure cooker. This amount will vary depending on the size of your ham, so be aware of that.

3. Place the rack in the bottom of the pot: In order to cook your ham, you must remember to place the rack back in the bottom of the pressure cooker.

4. Set the wrapped ham on the top of the rack: This step is simple, just place your ham on the rack that you placed back into the pressure cooker.

5. Lock the lid: Before starting the pressure cooker, first, ensure that the lid is locked into place to prevent any leaks. Leaking will make the ham take longer to fully reheat.

6. Choose ‘High Pressure’: On your pressure cooker, switch the option to high pressure in order to fully reheat your ham faster.

7. Set a timer for 12-15 minutes: This time will vary depending on your pressure cooker and the size of your ham. It is also dependent on whether or not you pre-sliced your ham or not.

8. Monitor the ham until alarm finishes: Keep an eye on the ham to make sure that you don’t overheat it.

9. Turn off the pressure cooker: When the ham is completely prepared, first turn off the pressure cooker entirely.

10. Use natural pressure release for at least 10 minutes: Your pressure cooker may naturally release pressure faster or slower than 10 minutes, this is just an average amount of time.

11. Do a quick release: Doing a quick release will ensure that all of the pressure is released and that there is none left in the cooker.

12. When the valve goes down, remove the lid: Once you are sure that all of the pressure has been released, you may then remove the lid.

13. Unwrap the ham: Be careful of how hot the ham is when handling it. You will then cut the slices from the bone and prepare it for eating.

14. Enjoy!

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