8 Best Substitutes For Apple Juice

substitutes for apple juice
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substitutes for apple juice

For everyone who loves fresh juice, we are pretty sure that you would love apple juice. The apple juice isn’t only good as juice, but it makes a great ingredient for desserts and is widely used in doughnuts.

That being said, the flavor and taste of apple juice are perfectly sweet. However, if you need apple juice but cannot find it, we have the substitutes for apple juice in this article!

Substitutes For Apple Juice

Apple juice is made from fresh apples. In the case of boxed apple juice, some brands add extra sugar content. On the contrary, the completely fresh and natural apple fresh has sweet notes. Apple juice is available in unfiltered and filtered form. In addition, people widely use apple juice for adding natural sweetness while baking or in desserts. On the other hand, if you have run out of apple juice, we have the substitutes for apple juice in the section below!

1) Apple Cider

Whenever you are following a recipe with apple juice, apple cider will make a perfect substitute. However, before we explain apple cider, it’s important to know that it will have tartness and slightly bitter notes. This is because apple juice is often filtered, which removes these flavor notes. That being said, the apple cider will have a bitter and tart flavor.

The apple cider is made by coring, chopping, and mashing the apples. Then, the chopped or mashed apples are pressed for extracting the liquid. However, the apple cider available in markets is often pasteurized, but the farmers market has unpasteurized apple cider as well. All in all, apple cider’s pH value will be relatively lower than the pH value of apple juice, hence the higher acidity level.

2) Pear Juice

Usually, the pears are consumed fresh, people opt for pear juice as well. It is widely used in jams and jellies. However, this is often combined with berries to make marmalades. In case you’ve to substitute pear juice for apple juice, it’s a fine choice. On the other hand, if you don’t have pear juice, dried or canned pears can be used as well.

When it concerns pear juice, the fermented variable can be used and is known as perry. Some people might even call it pear cider. The best thing is that pear juice has a similar production as apple juice, so the taste and texture will be pretty similar. However, we suggest that you opt for homemade or fresh pear juice because it has a better taste as compared to canned juices.

On the other hand, people often consider that pear juice and pear nectar is the same thing, but it’s not true. For instance, the pear nectar tends to have a sweeter taste than pear juice, but the consistency will be much thinner. Still, the prime difference between pear juice and pear nectar is the sugar percentage per serving. For instance, one serving of pear juice will have 29g while pear nectar has 45g.

3) White Grapes

In particular, we are talking about the juice; it is a pretty common substitute for apple juice. This juice is made by crushing and blending the white grapes. The grapes are crushed until it’s changed into liquid form. The white grape juice has a sugary and sweetness content. That being said, it is fermented and is made into vinegar or wine.

However, it’s fine to use it as an apple juice substitute if it’s not fermented. The white grape juice has a very crisp and refreshing taste. It’s best to juice the natural grape juice because it won’t have the extra flavors or sugar. That being said, the natural sweetness of white grape juice will be sufficient enough to substitute apple juice.

4) Lemon Juice

Yes, we know that lemon juice might have tanginess, but it’ll be perfect for substituting apple juice. For instance, lemon juice will have a low pH value and has an acidic taste. In addition, the fruity flavor tones in lemon juice make it perfect for replacing apple juice. On top of everything, the flavor and taste will be promising. Also, you could use the orange juice since it’s citric as well.

5) Rice Wine Vinegar

If you are still looking for a substitute for apple juice, rice wine vinegar is a fine choice. This is because it’s pretty similar to apple cider, which is a fine replacement for apple juice. The rice wine vinegar has a fruity flavor and will deliver a slightly acidic taste like apple juice. In the majority of cases, rice wine vinegar makes a good substitute for apple juice in salads. On the other hand, if you don’t find rice wine vinegar fruity enough, you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

6) Red Wine Vinegar

To begin with, red wine vinegar has a strong smell, and well, the taste will be pretty harsh. In case you want to use red wine vinegar as the substitute for apple juice, it’s suggested to use the least amount. However, you can always add more if it doesn’t provide enough flavor. Before you add red wine vinegar in place of apple juice, you need to understand that it has a red color, so it will change the appearance.

7) White Wine Vinegar

White wine vinegar is our favorite substitute for apple juice because it’s readily available. To begin with, it’s suggested that you use a slight amount of white wine vinegar because it can be harsh. The flavor is pretty sharp. On the contrary, the white wine vinegar doesn’t have enough fruity notes, but it will work fine as a substitute.

8) White Wine

We are pretty sure that you’d have white wine lying around. That being said, white wine makes a perfect substitute for apple juice with fruity tones. In case you have to add a tablespoon of apple juice in a recipe, you can add two tablespoons of white wine, and it will work fine. The best part is the fruity flavor of white wine. So, did you find a suitable substitute?

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