Can You Put Aluminum Foil In The Pressure Cooker?

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In The Pressure Cooker
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Can You Put Aluminum Foil In The Pressure Cooker

We’ll give you the short answer first – yes, you can use foil in your pressure cooker.

Isn’t it Poisonous?

You may have heard that at high levels, aluminum is toxic. Yes, it is a neurotoxin but before you become alarmed, remember that most things are dangerous in high enough quantities.

Aluminum is probably the most highly ingested metal on earth because it’s absorbed by plants which are then eaten by us.

While there is a lack of research on what “too high a dose” is for us to safely ingest, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that an adult can safely ingest around 50 mg a day without harm.

Remember though, you’re not actually ingesting the foil that you put into your pressure cooker. While trace amounts may leach into the food, it isn’t at high levels.

Leaching occurs mostly via acidic foods such as tomatoes and vinegar. Also, the longer food is cooked in an aluminum pan, the more metal leaches.

Pressure cookers cook foods very quickly, so there’s less leaching than from an aluminum saucepan, for example.

Should I Choose a Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cooker
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Pressure Cookers are available in stainless steel if you’re worried. While stainless steel is more durable, it does not conduct heat as well as aluminum. Stainless steel is also more expensive.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in The Pressure Cooker?

Main Disadvantages of Using Foil in Your Pressure Cooker

  • Absorption of too much may not be good for you
  • It can give a metallic flavor to foods which is unpleasant
  • Aluminum erodes when cooking acidic foods

Can Aluminum Containers/ Pans Be Used in the Pressure Cooker?

Aluminum containers
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Yes, you can use aluminum containers inside the pressure cooker. These are useful if you want some foods to cook slower than others, for example, vegetables.

The better the container covers the food, the longer the food will take to cook because the superheated steam cannot reach it. If you use such containers, ensure that they fit loosely into the cooker.

Using Foil Strips to Create a Lifter

When using bowls or pans in a pressure cooker, they can be difficult to lift out. Foil strips can be folded together to make a handy sling to help you remove them after cooking.

Using Foil Sheets to Cover Certain Foods

Some foods need to be protected from the condensation that drips down from the inside of the lid. These include cheesecakes, carrot cakes, buns, brownies, and other “baked” goods prepared in the pressure cooker.

Of course, covering these foods will result in a longer cooking time so remember to factor that into your recipe.

Cover certain foods
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It’s a Wrap – Summary of Benefits of Using Foil in Your Pressure Cooker

  • Locks the goodness inside
  • Protects foods from condensation
  • Food is cooked slowly and steadily, ensuring it is done all the way through
  • Lining the bottom and sides of your pressure cooker with foil makes for easy cleaning up
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