6 Best Substitutes For Ovalette

ovalette substitutes
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ovalette substitutes

Cakes and muffins are for everyone who loves teatime snacks or has a sweet tooth. However, the cakes need emulsifiers that help raise the cakes and deliver the foamy structure. The cake emulsifiers are available in a prepackaged form that can be added to the baked goods, and Ovalette is one of them. However, Ovalette is hard to find, which is why we are sharing the Ovalette substitutes!

Ovalette Substitutes

To begin with, Ovalette is a gluten-free stabilizer and emulsifier which is used for beverages and confectionaries. These confectionaries include ice creams as well as cakes. It is widely used in baking sponge cakes. It is responsible for raising the eggs and deliver the stiff structure. In addition, Ovalette has an acidic nature which leads to the stabilization of eggs.

Similarly, Ovalette will ensure that cakes don’t lose the voluminous and airy texture. As a result, Ovalette leads to smooth and soft cakes with raised structure. But again, if you are unable to find Ovalette, let’s check out the substitutes!

1) Quick 75

As compared to the yellow color of Ovalette, Quick 75 has a whitish color and appearance. It is another stabilizer and emulsifier available in ready-to-use form. It can be used in place of Ovalette in sponge cakes and other recipes in which the eggs must rise. It is perfect for butter cakes as well. Quick 75 tends to improve the cake production process. It will deliver a light and fine texture with higher volume.

Even more, Quick 75 leads to higher moisture content, so the cakes come out airy, moisturized, and light. In addition to sponge cakes and butter cakes, Quick 75 also goes fine with bar cakes and swiss rolls. It can improve the freshness of baked goods, and the cakes will have a quality taste. Lastly, it delivers stability in the cake structure.

2) Lecithin

Lecithin has become a fine substitute for Ovalette, which is derived and extracted from soy. It’s actually a natural emulsifier that can improve the texture of baked goods and cakes. In addition, it makes sure that bakes goods and cakes retain the moisture level and just melt away in the mouth. It has lipophilic and hydrophilic for better texture. It can easily disperse the water and fats for better emulsification.

3) Transglutaminase

Transglutaminase is loaded with foaming and emulsification properties of wheat gluten which makes it a fine substitute for Ovalette. It can be used for baking chiffon cakes and sponge cakes. It will actually improve the emulsification of the batter, which leads to a stable cake structure. Actually, transglutaminase is suitable for the replacement of Ovalette in gluten-free baking recipes.

In addition to the cakes, it can be used in brown rice bread and buckwheat rice. Even more, when it is mixed with egg whites and sorghum, it will add chewiness and firmness to the baked goods.

4) Plant Protein

When it comes down to the food emulsion, you can easily opt for proteins because they are the most important natural emulsifiers out there. It can help with the stability of the structure. In particular, if you need the emulsifiers for bread, you can opt for lupin flours. Finally, it can help create perfect volume, crumb color, crust quality, and suitable hardness of crumb.

5) Hydrocolloids

For the most part, hydrocolloids make great stabilizing agents with better gelatin behavior and high molecular weight. There are different types of hydrocolloids out there, such as modified starch, gum Arabic, pectic, and cellulose. That being said, you can use any of these hydrocolloids because they will help stabilize the structure.

6) Condensed Milk

If you still haven’t found a suitable substitute for Ovalette, you can opt for condensed milk. The condensed milk is readily available in grocery stores. It is actually the cow milk with water removed from it. It has added sugar, so you have to keep that factor in mind. The condensed milk is available in canned form and has a thick texture.

Generally, condensed milk can be used in the dessert recipes in place of Ovalette. Even more, it has a closer cousin known as evaporated milk. You can also use evaporated milk, and it doesn’t have added sugar, so you don’t have to modify sugar content in the baking recipe.

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