How To Correct Undercooked Cake? (Quick Guide)

how to correct undercooked cake
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how to correct undercooked cake

Baking might be your hobby, but it doesn’t mean your cake will turn out like bakery cakes. This is because many people struggle to make cakes and often end up with undercooked cakes. So, if you are worried about dumping the undercooked cake, stop right here because we are sharing the ways to correct the undercooked cake!

How To Correct Undercooked Cake?

If you were worried about getting the cake ruined, you don’t need to worry because it’s possible to correct the undercooked cake.

Re-bake The Cake

If your cake is undercooked overall, the only solution is to put the cake back into the oven for ten to fifteen minutes. In particular, if the central part of the cake is wet, you need to cover up the cake with foil and bake it for over fifteen minutes. On the contrary, if the bottom part of the cake is wet, you need to switch off the upper light of the oven and cover the cake with aluminum foil. Once the cake is covered, just cook it for some more minutes.

When you put the cake back into the oven, make sure that you keep checking the cake after every five minutes to make sure the cake is cooking well. In addition, when the cake is covered with aluminum foil, it will prevent excessive browning. Not to forget, using the foil works fine even if you have already cut the cake and need to cook it a bit more.

Tips To Prevent The Undercooking Texture Of The Cake

1. Oven Temperature

Whenever you are baking the cake, you need to be incredibly mindful of the temperature that you set in the oven. The cake recipes often include the suggested temperature, so make sure you stick to the said temperature. This is because a lower temperature results in undercooking, while a higher temperature will burn the cake. So, stick to the temperature mentioned in the recipe.

2. Thermometer

If you tend to bake the cake regularly, you need to get your hands on the thermometer. It doesn’t matter which cakes you cook; using a thermometer will surely help keep an eye on the cake and how the cake’s texture will be. You can simply insert the thermometer into the cake but make sure it doesn’t touch the cake pan. So, when you are cooking the flourless cakes, the right temperature is 205-degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, if the cake has an airy and light texture, the temperature of 210-degrees Fahrenheit is more than fine!

3. Use The Skewer

When you want to be sure that the cake is well-done, you can use the old skewer. For this purpose, you can insert the skewer into the cake’s middle part and take it out. If the batter is stuck to the skewer, the cake is undercooked, and it needs to be cooked a bit more. On the other hand, if the skewer doesn’t have batter stuck to it, you can take out the cake because it’s well-done. Also, if you don’t have a skewer, you can also use a toothpick!

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