5 Reasons Why You Face Ninja Foodi Water Error

ninja foodi water error
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ninja foodi water error

The Ninja Foodi is one of the most well-known kitchen appliances that’s used in many households around the world. That’s because it’s an extremely versatile gadget that can replace many other cooking appliances.

Its amazing features will convince most home cooks that it’s something they need in their kitchens. Not only does it save space but it’s also simple to use.

It has highly efficient pre-programmed functions that will cook your food beautifully in no time at all.

This is ideal for busy households where there isn’t time to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen.

The Ninja Foodi has a display screen that shows different indications. For instance, if there is more water needed, it will show you a water symbol so that you can add more water to the recipe.

It usually says “WATR” on the screen when this is the case.

water error
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Before you start pressure cooking with your new appliance, it’s a good idea to do the water test to practice before cooking a meal. This video will show you exactly how to do that.

There are many other programmed features that will give you different indications for multiple steps of cooking. It can indicate by blinking different colors of lights.

These features enable you to cook your food free of worry and not burn it because of a lack of concentration.

You may forget to check the food after putting it on the stove but with the help of your Ninja Foodi’s amazing feature, you will be kept well informed about the state of your food during the cooking time.

Every electronic programmed device is susceptible to error messages. These errors can cause you to ruin your recipe if you aren’t aware of them.

For example, some Ninja Foodie users have complained that their device has a water error which tells them to add more and more water to the recipe even when it is not required.

Even when they add more water, the device still keeps informing them to add more.

no water
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Ninja Foodi Water Error

When Does a Water Error Appear?

A water error message usually appears on the display screen when you are using the steam feature.

1) There may be a chance that the water level really is too low and you have mistaken the water level. So, you must make sure that you check the water level before considering it is an error message.

2) To continue the cooking process, simply add more water so that the unit continues to function.

The water error message can also appear on the display screen when using the pressure function.

3) This error message may occur due to an improper installation of the silicon ring. To continue using the unit you may have to correctly reinstall the ring.

4) It can also be caused when the pressure release valve has not been properly sealed into its position.

5) Lastly, there might really be a lack of water in the pot, so you must add more liquid before you restart the pressure-cooking cycle.

The machine cannot build pressure if there is insufficient water in the pot. There needs to be at least one cup of liquid before the machine will pressure cook anything.

Please note that some customers have pointed out that there is an error in the Ninja Foodie recipe book.

A couple of the recipes call for just half a cup of water. As we said before, the machine will not operate with less than one cup of water so please disregard these recipes.

If all the above solutions when troubleshooting the Ninja Foodi water error don’t work, then there is still another option that you can pursue.

You can reach out to the customer care helpline for Ninja Foodi and be helped by their excellent customer support team so that they can resolve your problem. Otherwise, you can visit their customer support center at the advertised times.

We hope this post has helped you to resolve your Ninja Foodie water error message!

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