Instant Pot Saute Not Getting Hot: 4 Ways To Fix

instant pot saute not getting hot
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instant pot saute not getting hot

The famous instant pot is the producer of multicookers based in Canada. It is popular because it can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and many other options. You have one appliance in the kitchen, which can do the work of six other appliances, thus saving space and your money. At the same time, it is user friendly and saves electricity bills due to less energy usage. The instant pot has become a need of every kitchen because it highly facilitates you to cook efficiently and orderly. It also has a sautéing function in it. However, some people run into the problem of instant pot sauté not getting hot. Let’s discuss what you can do to prevent it.

What is sautéing?

Sautéing is a cooking method in which you dry cook the meal with high heat and less oil and fats than you usually would. It is used to brown meat or vegetables, which conserve the flavor, moisture, and taste. Sautéing is also used to thicken the sauce by evaporating the liquid.

Sautéing function on instant pot:

When you use the sautéing function on the instant pot, always keep the lid open. The LED display shows “OFF” initially. Press the “Sauté” function on the control panel and adjust cooking heat by three modes, “Less,” “Normal,” and “More.” “More” is for extreme cooking heat like to brown the meat at higher temperatures, “Less” is for least cooking heat for ordinary simmering, and so on, and “Normal” is intermediate heat between the two levels.

Instant Pot Saute Not Getting Hot

1) Ensure the lid id off:

In sauté mode, it does not get heated up if the lid is on it. It is a safety precaution because you must sauté by keeping the lid off.

2) Do not change the default sauté time:

According to the customers’ experience who have used it, the instant pot is not heated up if you change the default sauté time. You can also try this.

3) Takes extra time to heat up:

It will not start sautéing the meal until the instant pot is hot. So, initially, instant pot takes time to heat the pan. It may be taking extra time to get heated up, depending upon the conditions. So, just be patient, and it might start sauteing after some time.

4) Look into FAQs:

The official website has a section of FAQs, the common questions asked by the customers. You can look into that if your instant pot is not heating up in sauté mode.

The instant pot is an efficient appliance for you to cook your meal. It gives you a variety of options to cook your meal. Sautéing in the instant pot is an efficient way of browning your meat and vegetables. It is not surprising if you run into the problem of your instant pot sauté not getting hot. Just ensure the lid is off. Read FAQs and try by not changing the default time of sautéing. If you still cannot solve the problem, you can get help from the customer care or an expert.

instant pot saute not getting hot
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