Can You Brown Meat In An Instant Pot? (Explained)

can you brown meat in an instant pot
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can you brown meat in an instant pot

Ever used your instant pot to cook meat within it? The instant pot is the best solution to reduce the cooking time of your food by half. Sometimes, you might even wonder if you brown meat in an instant pot.

Well, no worries. We are here to help you find out the many uses of this magical instant pot. Here in this article, you can learn how to do it.

Why Use Instant Pot To Brown Meat?

Meat is one of those food items that take hours and hours of cooking. If you are planning to cook meat today, you must start preparing it at the earliest hour as you can’t be sure how long will it take to be cooked properly. And sometimes, even then, the meat still remains a bit sour to the taste.

But with the help of the new kitchen helper of all women, the Magical Instant pot, cooking meat is no longer a hard exhausting job. Instant pot can be used to cook meat within minutes rather than hours. And who wouldn’t want to save his precious time? So naturally, using Instant pot to brown meat is undoubtedly the best option.

Can You Brown Meat In An Instant Pot?

Using the instant pot to brown meat is not rocket science. The process is very easy. Even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about cooking, you can still use instant pot efficiently to brown that meat patty and get it ready to serve in absolutely no time.

The browning of meat is called sauté as in cooking terms. This feature of your Instant Pot is amazing and comes very handy while browning meat. It gives a nice golden brown look to the meat patty and a lot greater taste. You can quickly sauté meat and prepare a delicious flavorful meal for a dinner party with friends and family.

Sauté Instructions

The Instant Pot has a special sauté mode that makes it more suitable to brown meat. Easy to use and fairly time-saving, instant pot can be used to brown meat in the following manner.

Turn on the sauté function of your Instant pot and you’ll see a default timer. It is usually set to 30 minutes but you can adjust it according to your requirements. However, it is not necessarily needed because you can cancel the function at any time. Now after selecting the key, you need to spray the pot with some edible cooking oil. Wait a few moments and your instant pot will notify you that it’s hot and ready to get going. Now add the desired amount of meat. Sauté Brown it as per your likings and then cancel the Sauté function of the instant pot.

So, can you brown meat in an instant pot? Yes, you can and you should definitely try it out at your home. It is quite convenient and very easy. You can enjoy having some friends over and treat them with your instantly Sauté brown meat party.

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