3 Ways To Fix Instant Pot Not Heating

instant pot not heating
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instant pot not heating

Meta: is your instant pot not heating and you are looking for answers to why it is happening? Look no further.

Instant pot Multicookers are becoming more and more popular and for all the right reasons. You save time, hassle, and can make great recipes with your highly versatile and intuitive instant pot. While the appliance is a great substitute for your regular stoves it can be a little tricky to make it work sometimes. And today must have been one of the days when you struggle to heat your instant pot and looking for troubleshooting the problem. Well, don’t panic, here a few reasons why your instant pot is not heating and how you can fix the issue right away.

Troubleshooting Instant Pot Is Not Heating 

Like any other electronic gadget, your multicooker can sometimes fail to function but it does not mean you need to get a technician to repair it. Chances are you can fix the issue yourself. When plugging in your instant pot to the cooking cycle and feel like there isn’t any or appropriate heat building up as per your selected cycle, it could be because of the following 3 reasons:

1. Your Instant pot seal is damaged

Check the rubber seal on your lid and see if it’s damaged. To build the heat, you must ensure the lid is fully locked. If the seal is damaged, your instant pot will not be able to build enough heat. If you have been using the multicooker for a long time, chances are your lid is too dirty or broken. Replace the broken rubber seal with a new sealing ring in order to make your instant pot work.

2. Improper installation of the lid

Now that you know your sealing ring is fine, did you make sure to close the lid properly? If your lid isn’t installed correctly your instant pot will not be able to build heat for the selected cooking cycle. Take the lid off your instant pot, flip it over, and check if the sealing ring is placed correctly. Place the lid back on when you make sure it is secured against the retaining ring.

3. The heating element fails to provide heat to the pot

Your instant pot works like a stove and a pot over it. Of course, the pot needs to build the heat somewhere it gets it from the heating element. When the heating element does not work your instant pot cannot heat up. Plug the device in and choose any cooking cycle of your choice and heat the instant pot for about 30 to 35 seconds. Now remove the pot from the shell; at the bottom, you can see the heating element. Carefully touch the heating element surface to check if it’s warming up. This will allow you to figure out if the problem lies here or elsewhere.

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