8 Reasons Why Chicken Is Not Done In Instant Pot

instant pot chicken not done
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instant pot chicken not done

Meta: Instant pot chicken may not taste good if you don’t follow proper tricks and tips to cook a delicious instant pot chicken.  

Instant pot chicken is one of the easiest and quickest meals of all time. Instant pot chicken is easy on the budget dish. and can be cooked easily by following some simple tricks.

If you’re wondering how to overcome an instant pot chicken not done? Well, here’s a list of some tips and tricks to overcome the problems:

Chicken Not Done In Instant Pot

1. Cooking Time:

 A perfect instant pot chicken depends upon the time in which it is cooked. A slight change in time whether it be more or less can result in screwing your instant pot chicken. An instant pot saves time but for a perfect instant pot chicken, 30 minutes are enough.

Cooking time also depends upon the size of your instant pot.

2. Enough Water: 

Sometimes there isn’t enough water in the pot for the chicken to be cooked properly and then it ultimately results in an undone and uncooked chicken.

For this, we need to make sure that there is enough water in the pot for the chicken to be cooked properly.

3. Saute Mode On: 

If by any chance your instant pot chicken is not done and it is undercooked, just turn the saute mode on and return the whole mixture to the pot with a slow flame until it’s whole ready.

4. Thin Slices:

Thick slices of chicken require more and more time for cooking. The thinner the chicken slices, the more easily they are cooked. Thin chicken slices are quick and easy to cook as compared to thick chicken pieces. Therefore, avoid using a thick chicken piece. 

5. Rubber In Your Instant Pot: 

Before starting cooking make sure that the rubber of your instant pot is fixed properly. If it’s not done then it may result in an undone chicken.

This problem can be avoided by fixing the rubber of your instant pot properly. 

6. Covering Of The Instant Pot:

A properly not covered instant pot also results in an undone chicken. Make sure your Instant pot is properly covered and is fixed to avoid any sort of gas leakage from it. 

7. Flipping Chicken:

Frequent flipping of chicken may also result in an undone chicken. Avoid flipping the chicken over and over again and give each side an equal time to get cooked properly.

8. Use Of Proper Flame: 

The use of the proper flame can also affect the undone chicken. Make sure to give the instant pot a proper flame that is not too high and not too low.


Eating undercooked and raw chicken can be harmful to health and should be avoided at any cost. Make sure to check the color and texture of your chicken before eating it.

Now you’ll be aware of the mistakes that may cause your chicken to get rubber-like, sticky, and sometimes even undone. With the help of this article, you’ll now be able to avoid these problems and get an amazingly delicious instant pot chicken!

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