How to Make Helper Handles For Pressure Cookers

How To Make Helper Handles For Pressure Cookers
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How To Make Helper Handles For Pressure Cookers

You don’t need to spend so much money on buying helper handles. I have written this guide to help you make your helper handles for pressure cookers.  Helper handles are the special tools used to place or remove dishes or racks from your pressure cooker. These handles are essential to avoid the scalding heat from your pressure cooker.

You can use helper handles in different ways, depending on the food you are cooking. We need helper handles because of the depth of your pressure cooker. Reaching into the cooker immediately you have finished cooking can be dangerous and difficult. However, some foods must be quickly removed from the pressure cooker if you must adhere to the standard cooking time. Leaving foods longer than normal in the pressure cooker may cause overcooking, and your meal will be ruined.

How To Make Helper Handles For Use In A Pressure Cooker

In this guide, I will be describing how to make this helper handles using a foil paper made from aluminium. This is the best choice because of its low heat conduction and suitability.

Step One

You will need to first, cut the aluminium foil paper to the right size. As a standard, you should measure 24 inches in length. However, you may need to cut a little longer if your pressure cooker is deeper.

Step Two

Check to ensure you have cut an accurate size that can be used for your particular pressure cooker. Fold the sheet into two halves, do this again, this means you are folding the sheet two times. Ensure the halves are equal. You need two equal pieces to make the helper handle.

Step Three

Ensure the two sheets of aluminium foil you have folded are equal and with your palms straighten it out to make the sheets flat.

Step Four

Now you have two equal-sized sheets of aluminium foil flattened out on the table. Place these sheets to form a cross on the table with one of the ends pointing in your direction.

Step Five

Now you can place your dish of the bowl at the centre of your crossed foil sheets. The dish must be placed at the point where the two foil sheets meet. You may also use a bowl with a lid if the content is much and to avoid a spill. However, most foods, meats, do not need to be covered.

Step Six

The foils will serve as your helper handle. By holding the four ends of your foil sheets, you can lift the dish off the table and lower it into the pressure cooker. Depending on the content, you should do this very gently. It is also a good idea to ensure you lower the dish and place it in the centre of your pressure cooker. Allowing some space around the cooker will enable the free circulation of steam pressure all around the interior part of the cooker. The foil length will not cause an obstruction when you need to close the lid of your pressure cooker.

Wait for the cooking time, as stated in your recipe. When it is time, release the pressure and remove the lid. Now you can carefully raise and remove your dish or bowl from the pressure cooker by holding the four edges of your foil sheets and lifting the dish out. Please use a kitchen mitten or gloves to avoid getting your fingers scalded by the heat.

You can reuse your DIY helper handles as often as you want. The important point to note is ensuring your dish or bowl is well balanced before lifting it off your kitchen table and lowering the dish into your pressure cooker.

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