Ground Pork vs Pork Sausage: What’s The Difference?

ground pork vs pork sausage
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ground pork vs pork sausage

Pork is something that needs no introduction at all. Whether you’re someone new to the culinary world or a completely experienced veteran, pork is a type of meat that just about anyone is familiar with, depending on where they live.

But one thing that some of the more inexperienced chefs may or may not be all too familiar with are the different types of pork and just where they are used, along with how they are or aren’t completely different from each other. An example of one distinction that a lot of novice cooks fail to make is between ground pork and pork sausage.

These are two very different ingredients. Both of them are derived from the meat of a pig and are pork, but the way they’re used along with their taste is either somewhat or completely different depending on how you use them.

If users are not familiar with the many differences between both ground pork and pork sausage, we’re here to help in any way that we can. That said, here’s our comparison between both types of pork given below for you to read and learn from.

Ground Pork Vs Pork Sausage

Type of Pork

The first difference between the two which needs to be taken into account is the type of pork that they are. It is obvious that they both feature pig meat, being two very popular types of pork. But this is one of the only two similarities that they have in this regard. Ground pork is basically pork in its pure form.

It can be used in a wide variety of different recipes with or without some changes made by the one preparing it. To put it simply, ground pork is simply what we refer to as pork in its pure form which can be used for preparing a wide variety of different foods in different ways depending on the recipe being followed.

Pork sausage is also pure pork and is a lot like ground pork in this sense. But, one big difference is that it is cut up and prepared by butchers in a way to develop the shape and texture of sausages that everyone is familiar with.

Another distinction worth noting is that pork sausage is pretty much always combined with many different kinds of spices and is never used on its own. The spices that it is combined with all vary, meaning that users can try out all sorts of different mixtures, but only those that are deemed acceptable by the specific recipe they’re following.


As ground pork is simply pure pork, it’s a little difficult to define its taste. It is a tender and juicy meat which can be very different in terms of feel and taste depending on how it’s prepared. Those that have tried out pork know exactly what it tastes like, and exactly how the taste differs in specific cases.

The same cannot be said for pork sausages though. While it is certainly true that they can taste a little similar to ground pork when prepared without any spices, this is hardly ever the case.

That’s because just about every prepares pork sausage with added seasoning, whether it be seasoning that was already a part of it when they got it from the store/butcher, or if they added it themselves. So while it does have a similar feel to ground pork in a way, it can taste completely different based on the spices and other things which were used to season the specific piece of pork sausage which users are preparing.


Ground pork and pork sausage are usually used for completely different recipes from one another, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. The former can actually be a pretty good substitute for the latter if you use the right spices to season it.

On the other hand, pork sausage can sometimes be a good alternative for ground pork in some cases too, but this one is entirely situational and only applies in some specific cases. So despite having some obvious differences, they are certainly interchangeable if prepared in the correct manner.

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