Ancho Chili vs Chili Powder: Which One To Choose?

ancho chili vs chili powder
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ancho chili vs chili powder

There are a lot of species of spices out there that we can use for preparing the food and all of them are equally great to help you out in having the right edge of perfection with your spices on the food that you are preparing depending on the recipe that you are preparing and other ingredients that you have added to the dish. Yet, you might often be confused about the type of chili you are using in the dish to make it tangier and spicy as you would like to have. There are certain differences between them both that make the taste distinct.

Ancho Chili and Chili powder are two such types of chilies that are not only highly popular but are also widely used in a wide range of recipes and cuisines in southern as well as Northern America. That is why you must be getting your hands on some of these or you can even get to choose them in the recipes that you might be preparing. That is why a few such things that you will need to know to differentiate them both and choose the right option that will fit your needs best are:

Ancho Chili vs Chili Powder

Ancho Chili

Ancho Chili or Poblano plant is a mild chili pepper is a pepper that is originated in Mexico and is called ancho chili when dried. The Ancho chili might look like ordinary green pepper or chilies that you get in the US, but it is larger in size and have texture on it as well.

The ancho chili is a mild one, and that is why it is eaten fresh as well as dried to be added in the recipes. While the fresh Ancho chili is originally a plant, it is the best thing that you can get to stuff it up with some veggies, or there are multiple other recipes that you can try out to make it even better for all the cuisines or preparing some exotic dishes for your table. You can also chop Ancho chili into small pieces and add it to the meat-based recipes to have some fresh aroma, texture, and of course a mild edge of spices on them that will be enabling you to get the right feel off your cooking and you are going to be enjoying the ancho chili at its best.

Chili Powder

Ancho chili is also dried and then is powdered to be preserved and to be used in multiple recipes. It goes without saying that the chili powder that you can get from the Ancho chili is also mildly spicy and is not that bitter or hot as you might get on some of the other species of pepper such as red pepper or so. With all that being said, you will also need to know and understand that the chili powder can be used for as long as you might want to and you just have to make sure that you are keeping it dry and at a safe place away from moisture and heat to keep it safe for longer periods.

That also provides you an edge of adding some Chili powder whenever you need and you don’t have to go out looking for the Ancho chili while you are cooking something in your kitchen. In addition to all that convenience, chili powder will also be getting you some amazing perks such as controlling the number of spices and more on the chili powder.

The chili powder would be simply the best thing for you if you love ancho chili and cannot get your hands on the fresh one to enjoy the best of your ancho chili experience and make it work perfectly for any recipe that you might be preparing. In addition to all that, you will also be enjoying a lot in terms of having the right edge of spices and you can mix it with all the other spices that you might have in for the recipe to ensure that you can enjoy the right texture, taste, and feel of the spices on the dish. The only thing that you will be missing out is the fresh aroma of the Ancho chili if you use the chili powder.

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