Can You Season Meat Before Freezing?

season meat before freezing
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Season Meat Before Freezing

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You might have seen chefs put freshly cracked pepper, herbs, garlic, or salt over steak pre-sear. This process is called seasoning and it is done to enhance the flavor of the meat. Seasoning does not mean that the taste of the meat will be replaced by the flavor of the seasoning.

Rather, seasoning when correctly done brings out and enhances the natural taste of the food. This is why you will notice that for professional chefs, proper seasoning is a priority while cooking a steak.

You can experiment with different herbs and spices and find that perfect balance of flavors that fits your palate.

Can I Season Meat Before Freezing?

Now and then you come across an offer on meat at the butcher or supermarket that is too good to pass up. Buying meat in bulk when it’s on sale is a good way to save money. Once you’ve taken your meat home, you need to freeze it immediately to preserve it for up to a year.

People often wonder if they should just season the meat before freezing and whether or not there will be any negative effects for seasoning the meat pre-freeze. The short answer is that there is no substantial difference between seasoning the meat pre-freeze or pre-sear.

dry rub seasoning on new york strip steak
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However, you should be cautious of one thing – make sure that the seasoning mix you are using does not contain a high quantity of garlic.

Once frozen and in contact with the meat for a long time, the flavor of the garlic will dominate all the other flavors, even the natural flavor of the meat. However, if your seasoning mix consists of just herbs and salt, you can go ahead and use it on the meat before freezing it.

Making Life Easier

Pre-seasoning your meat makes it quicker and easier later when you want to cook it. If you are going on holiday or perhaps on a camping trip, pre-seasoning your meat will save you from having to take all your herbs and spices with you.

Enhancing Flavor

People who season with fresh herbs and spices prefer to maximize their flavor by only using them on the meat just before searing.

Fresh raw Prime Black Angus beef steaks on wooden board
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So, if you want to make that perfect steak with all the flavors of the spices then it is highly recommended that you season the food pre-sear and not pre-freeze.

Last Word

In conclusion, if you just want to save time then you should just go ahead and add seasoning to the meat pre-freeze. But if you want that perfect flavor then your best bet is to put in the extra effort and add seasoning to the meat just before you sear the meat.

Pork steak and green herbs from the chef in the background
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The majority of people are looking for utility over flavor so they season the steak pre-freeze. In the end, it all comes down to your preference whether or not you want to put in the extra effort to make the perfect steak.

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