Can You Season Meat Before Freezing?

season meat before freezing
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season meat before freezing

You might have seen chefs put freshly cracked pepper, herbs, garlic, or salt over steak pre-sear. This process is called seasoning which enhances the flavor of the meat. Seasoning does not mean that the taste of the meat will be replaced by the flavor of the seasoning. Rather seasoning brings out and enhances the natural taste of the food.  

You can experiment with different spices and find that perfect balance of flavors that fits your palate. This is why you will notice that for professional chefs proper seasoning is the number one priority while cooking a steak.

Season Meat Before Freezing

Now and then you come across an offer that is too good to pass. Such as buying meat in bulk on sale. So, now you would have to freeze the majority of the meat as you cannot consume all of it at once. People often wonder whether or not they should just season the meat before freezing. Whether or not there will be any negative effects for seasoning the meat pre-freeze.  

The short answer is that there is no substantial difference between seasoning the meat pre-freeze or pre-sear. However, you should be cautious of one thing that the seasoning mix you are using does not have a high quantity of garlic powder.

The flavor of garlic dominates over other natural flavors of the steak and you are left with that tangy taste to your meat. But if your seasoning mix consists of just herbs and salt then you will not notice any considerable difference.


People who have tried both of the methods mentioned that the difference is not so substantial that it forces them to switch to seasoning pre-sear. It all comes down to your personal preference and utility. Because if you season all your meat at once then it will be much easier down the road.

As you would just have to take the meat out of the sealable plastic bag throw it onto a pan and you will be good to go. It saves a bit of your time and you would have to do less prep work for your meals.

Enhancing Flavor

People have mentioned that to maximize the natural flavor of the meat you should almost always season the meat before sear. That way you can combine the seasoning with the natural juice of the meat that will give you a unique balanced flavor. So, if you want to make that perfect steak then it is highly recommended that you season the food pre-sear and not pre-freeze.

In conclusion, if you just want to save time then you should just go ahead and add seasoning to the meat pre-freeze. But if you want that perfect flavor then your best bet is to put in the extra effort and add seasoning to the meat every time you sear the meat. The majority of the people are looking for utility over flavor so they season the steak pre-freeze.

In the end, it all comes down to your preference whether or not you want to put in the extra effort to make the perfect steak.

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