7 Best Banger Sausage Substitutes (Alternatives To Banger Sausage)

banger sausage substitute
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banger sausage substitute

For everyone who has tried the English and British breakfasts, we are sure you would know the difference between sausages. The sausages are the yummy little treats that everyone loves. That being said, if you are a fan of British breakfast, you must be a fan of banger sausages. On the contrary, if you don’t have the famous British sausage, we have the banger sausage substitutes in this article!

Banger Sausage Substitute

This is the British sausage which is either made from beef or pork. In addition, it has bread crumbs to give that texture everyone loves. In the UK, it is famous as Bangers & Mash but is known as bangers outside the UK. It’s important to understand that banger sausage is the collective term that is used for defining different British sausages. So, let’s have a look at the substitutes!

1) Bockwurst

It is actually German sausage which is made with a combination of pork and ground veal. It is usually flavored with white pepper, salt, and paprika. On the other hand, some variants are available with chives, parsley, and marjoram. In addition, some people smoke this sausage as well. This sausage is available every season at snack bars, butcher shops, bakeries, gas stations, and food booths.

Bockwurst sausage is made through steaming and simmering. However, some people grill it as well. It’s important to outline that boiling isn’t suggested for this sausage because it can open up.

2) Cumberland Sausage

This is the pork sausage which is originated from England (Cumberland, to be particular). The Cumberland sausage tends to be at least 20-inches and is available in a circular and flat coil. Generally, it’s available in curved and long lengths. The seasonings are made from herbs and spices. In the majority of cases, it goes fine with pepper (be it white or black!).

As far as the appearance is concerned, there are no colorings. However, it has chopped meat which delivers a chunky texture. In addition, the herbs also include cayenne, nutmeg, thyme, pepper, and sage. In some cases, it has rusk for binding capacity. Cumberland sausage tends to have 85% to 98% meat content.

3) Black Pudding

The black pudding is often called blood pudding which is another form of blood sausage. Black pudding has an originfrom Ireland and the United Kingdom. Black pudding is made from either beef suet or pork fat, along with pork blood. It also has a cereal, such as barley groats, oatmeal, or oat groats. As far as the herbs are concerned, it uses pennyroyal.

Black pudding can be boiled, grilled, baked, or fried. As for the consumption, black pudding can be eaten cold. In addition, it can be consumed with potatoes and bread. All in all, it’s an important part of the British breakfast.

4) Saveloy

This is the sausage with immense seasoning. Saveloy sausage has a bright red appearance and is generally boiled for serving. It can be served with chips and fish. It is generally available in Essex, London, and Newcastle. In addition, it is famous in the Midlands. This sausage is made from pork brain and makes more than 50% of the content.

5) Hog’s Pudding

This is also known as the hogy diddle and is obviously a form of sausage. The sausage is made in parts of Cornwall and Devon. There are various variants of this sausage available. That being said, it is made with pork meat, suet, fat, bread, and cereals. Also, it’s made into a large sausage. The other versions are made with liver and lung.

Hog’s pudding has a spicier taste as compared to other sausages. All in all, it is made with cumin, black pepper, garlic, and basil. This sausage tends to have a two-inches diameter.

6) Newmarket Sausage

This sausage is made from high-end pork cuts. This sausage is made from fresh cuts, such as belly, shoulder, and carcass cuts. The pork cut is often seasoned with a wide range of spices and herbs. Generally, these spices and herbs include salt, white pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, parsley, and thyme.

7) Battered Sausages

The battered sausages are made by dipping them into the batter and are usually deep-fried in oil. The battered sausages are extremely famous across the UK, but in Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland as well. As far as the serving is concerned, battered sausages are served with chips!

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