Why The Chicken Smells Like Fish? (Answered)

chicken smells like fish
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chicken smells like fish

A chicken dish that smells like fish is not a very delightful thing to have on your table. It might be okay to eat it, but there are certain things that are involved with the process, and if you are looking to eliminate that fishy smell from your chicken dishes, you need to start from the very scratch and make sure that you are doing everything right to not let the fishy smell inside your chicken dishes.

Indeed, each little step you take counts towards the preparation counts, and you will need to take care of things down here.

Chicken Smells Like Fish

1) Mind The Bacteria

Everything that we eat has bacteria on it, from raw vegetables, fruits, and meat of different kinds each contain a specific type of bacteria on them. You need to be mindful not to use anything that you have used for some other kind of meat, veggies, or fruit cooking process to ensure that you don’t get it mixed up. You will need to be careful about not using the knife that you have used to cut something else, you don’t cook your chicken in a pan that has not been properly washed off, and especially you need to keep a strict check on the oil you are using.

It will be perfect if you are using fresh oil, a separate knife for chicken every time you have to cut it, and all the other things as well. This will solve the issue for you, and you will not be having the smell of fish in your chicken dish again.

2) Follow The Right Process

The frying process can trigger chemicals in a chicken that will smell like fish, and you might feel troubled with eating such chicken. Oxidization is one of the most commonly known processes that can cause this phenomenon, and you need to be aware of that.

While you are frying your chicken, it would not be the right practice for you to shallow fry the pieces. While you are frying the chicken shallow on low hear, there are certain fatty acids that can produce volatile compounds, and the chicken will start giving out the aroma like an uncooked fish that is obviously not something that you would want.

So, it would be perfect for you if you are deep frying your chicken at high heat as that will not let these fatty acids dissolve and stay in the chicken. This way, your chicken will smell good and appetizing, and you will be having the perfect taste and aroma from your chicken.

3) Serve It Right

The serving process also matters a lot, and you need to ensure that you are serving your chicken in the right manner and right order. You will need to ensure that you are not serving out your chicken dish close to any other type of meat you might have on the table. Also, it would be wise for you to serve the chicken dishes first and later move towards the dishes of fish, beef, and mutton on the table.

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