Why Doos The Chicken Smells Like Ammonia?

chicken smells like ammonia
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chicken smells like ammonia

Be those juicy chicken burgers or chicken nuggets; chicken is the ultimate meat form for non-vegetarian people. On the other hand, if the chicken has gone bad, it can be harmful to health; it doesn’t matter if the chicken is cooked or raw.

Similarly, if you’ve been cooking for a long time, you must have been through the instances where chicken smells like ammonia. So, in this article, we are sharing everything we know about chicken that smells ammonia!

Why Does The Chicken Smells Like Ammonia?

Chicken Has Gone Bad

Of course, when chicken smells like ammonia, it has gone bad, and you should stash it to the dump right away. In simpler words, if the chicken has strong and unpleasant odors, it’s better that you discard it right away. Even more, if you are cooking chicken and it starts smelling like ammonia, dump it off and clean the pan completely.

In some cases, people try to peel off the cellophane layer from the chicken and think that it fixes the unpleasant odor issue. For instance, even if the package says the expiration date is due for a week if it smells bad, you shouldn’t cook or eat it. It is better to sniff the chicken because the fresh and safe-to-eat chicken will smell nothing.

On the other hand, if the smell is slight and is a bit off, cooking the chicken at 165-degrees Fahrenheit is highly likely to take care of the smell. However, one can always dump it because some dollars aren’t more precious than struggling with food poisoning. In some cases, the ammonia smell in the chicken might occur if the chicken wasn’t stored properly or at the right temperature.

If You Have Your Own Chickens?

There are always some people who like to keep hens and chickens in the backyard, and if you are one of them, the buildup of ammonia is pretty persistent. For instance, if the backyard has ammonia issues, it will be transferred to chickens as well. Similarly, if the chickens have rubbed-off chickens, red skin patches, or foot issues, you know it’s the ammonia issue.

In addition, if chickens are exposed to ammonia for a long time, it might lead to an eye infection. So, if those chickens are cut, the raw chicken will smell of ammonia and is not suitable to eat. The chickens must be put in well-ventilated spaces to ensure the ammonia buildup is effectively managed and isn’t transferred to the chickens.

Even more, the smells can be easily catered to by managing the litters because it can play an essential role in keeping the ammonia levels maintained. At the backend, this issue can be sorted by cleaning the area regularly. In addition, the area should be sprinkled with wood ashes because it helps fix the ammonia buildup and is suitable for protecting the chickens.

On the users’ end, if chicken smells of ammonia, it shouldn’t be consumed because it can lead to food poisoning. Some people try to fix the smell by adding spices and vinegar, but it doesn’t take away the fact that chicken had a disease.

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