6 Best Substitute For Caldo De Tomate

caldo de tomate substitute
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caldo de tomate substitute

Thai dishes have their unique taste because of the sauces. One of these sauces is Caldo de Tomate. It is usually used in making Thai and Latin dishes such as Mexican rice, soup, gravy, caldo gallego, etc. Caldo de Tomate is available in the Latin section of a well-stocked market. This makes them hard to find in any local market

But there are many substitutes that can be used instead of Caldo de Tomate in your dishes.

If you are also having a problem in finding Caldo de Tomate in the market, or you are simply looking for its substitutes, then you should find this article quite helpful

Caldo De Tomate Substitute

Caldo de Tomate is a delicious and versatile bouillon with a perfect balance of tomato and chicken flavor in it. It mainly includes tomato, chicken, onion, parsley, and some spices to enhance the flavor. It is usually used to make Thai rice, soup, gravy, and many other dishes. Following are some of the substitutes that can be used instead of Caldo de Tomate.

1. Regular Bouillon

You can always go for a regular chicken bouillon which is much easier to find, as compared to Caldo de Tomate. For additional enhancement of flavor, you can always add some tomatoes if you want. This will add the aroma, and a nice touch to your dish in addition to a delicious flavor. It will also make the taste similar to what you would have obtained if you used Caldo de Tomate.

2. Chicken stock

You can also use chicken stock as a substitute for Caldo de Tomate. These are usually in the form of chicken cubes. However, putting them inside a cup of water will make them dissolve quickly. Once dissolved, it should become similar to a chicken broth. The chicken broth can then be added to any dish that you wish to make. Alternatively, you can also try putting the chicken stock directly inside the pot, as the heat should automatically help it dissolve in the process. Just make sure to add in salt, as Caldo de Tomate is usually high in salt content.

3. Chicken Granule

Chicken granule can also be used as a substitute for Caldo de Tomate. The benefit of using chicken granules as an alternative to Caldo de Tomate is that they can be cooked in less time as compared to other alternatives mentioned in the list. But just like other substitutes, you will have to add tomato sauce or puree additionally. It is easily available in local markets.

4. Dry White Wine

Many people also use dry white wine with an addition of tomato puree to replace Caldo de Tomate. However, this might taste quite different than what Caldo de Tomate would taste like. But it still gets the job done.

5. Tomato Sauce

You can also use tomato sauce as a substitute for Caldo de Tomate. A tomato powder may also be helpful to give the desired taste and flavor. But you might need to add a chicken cube to it to give the chicken flavor as in Caldo de Tomate.

6. DIY Recipe

You’d be delighted to know that you can actually make Caldo de Tomate at home. However, the process of making this sauce will take a lot of your time and energy. To make the dish in your own kitchen, follow this recipe:

  • The first thing you will need is tomato gravy. Keep note that if you don’t wish to make tomato gravy for some reason, try using tomato sauce or tomato powder.
  • Once you’ve made tomato paste, you will need to add chicken soup into the mixture. Simply boil the chicken in water, after which you will have to separate the boiled chicken from the boiled water. You are free to use the chicken in any other dish, as this will only require chicken soup.
  • Lastly, add ingredients like onion, parsley, and the spices of your choice into the mix as a finishing touch.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, Caldo de Tomate is quite difficult to find in most regions. In such situations, it really helps to know about substitutes that can be used as an alternative to the sauce. We have listed some of the best substitutes you can find in the market, which should ultimately help in achieving a similar flavor and taste to that of Caldo de Tomate.

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