What Kind Of Onion Should Be Used For Fajitas?

what kind of onion for fajitas
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what kind of onion for fajitas

The thought of even writing on fajita makes my mouth water. A significant part of Mexican cuisine, fajita, contains grilled meat with different toppings. Texans want to take the honors of introducing fajitas, but the history tells otherwise. No matter whoever introduced it, it was a work of art. It is called fajita because of the unique meat cut, i.e., skirt steak part of a cow. One crucial part of the dish is the onions. Choosing the best kind of onions for homemade fajitas is an integral part of giving fajitas a restaurant-like touch.

Fajita is easy to make, a dish that is a regular part of our diet. You can make it and store it in the refrigerator for later use. A basic fajita has at least the following ingredients: meat can be beef or chicken cooked to perfection, onions, capsicum, cheese, tortilla, lime, spices, and many other things according to your liking. The fajita’s seasoning is what gives the dish its delicious taste. The toppings can be of salsa, cheese, or soured cream. Fajitas are nutritious as it contains proteins, fiber, and other minerals.

What Kind Of Onion For Fajitas

Onions are a building block in any dish, specifically in Indian cuisine. Onions come in various types and colors, each having its flavor. Onions are a primary item in fajitas, so using the right one is of utmost importance. They are sauteed along with other vegetables in the dish. It usually takes 10-12 minutes to reach the desired translucent state of onions.

So, which onions should you use? White ones. They are the most used ones in Mexican cuisine. Although you can use either Vidalia, yellow, white, or red, most people prefer white ones. Some dishes call for specific onions; however, they all taste the same when cooked. White onions have a more robust flavor as compared to yellow ones. Yellow has a balanced taste of sweet and bitter, unlike white, which has a strong flavor. As for Vidalia, it is sweet and is used in sandwiches and salads. Red onions are similar in flavor to yellow ones and are used where onions are served in raw form.

Why white onions?

White onions have a crisp texture and a strong flavor. These features give it an edge to be used in Mexican dishes. White onions give that necessary kick to the Tex-Mex dish as soon as you eat them. What we need in a fajita is a strong flavor of raw onion. That is why white onions are a desirable option. However, you can use any type as per availability and your taste buds.

Bottom note:

Fajita is a combination of many ingredients that gives the dish its status in the culinary world today.  Onions being an essential part of fajitas, must not be neglected. You can use any type, but white ones give the flavor you want in a homemade fajita. You can use all the types to check which one you love the most. Happy cooking and eating!

what kind of onion for fajitas
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