Tomato Sauce Too Sweet: 3 Ways To Solve

tomato sauce too sweet
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tomato sauce too sweet

A tomato sauce is a widely used recipe that is used to enhance the flavor of certain dishes. While a tomato sauce is thicker than tomato juice, it is generally not as thick as a tomato puree.

Tomato Sauce Is Too Sweet

Even though making a tomato sauce isn’t really that hard, people tend to mess up certain ingredients, especially during the first time. As a result, the tomato sauce ends up being too sweet for the mouth. For most people, this isn’t desirable which is why they get confused on why their tomato sauce is too sweet.

Today, we will be purely focusing our article on telling you exactly how you can prevent or lessen the sweetness in your tomato sauce. Here is everything that you should know!

 Why Is Your Tomato Sauce So Sweet?

Before we proceed on to tell you how you can make your sauce less sweet, let’s first take a look at the possibility of why your sauce is so sweet, to begin with. Most cooks like to add sugar or other sweeteners in a tomato sauce for neutralizing the acidic flavor. While there are no drawbacks to adding sugar to the sauce, it is quite possible that you might be overdoing it.

Similarly, red wine is another common ingredient known to make the recipe too sweet for the taste. Regardless of the ingredient behind the sweetness of the sauce, you can balance out the taste by following certain tips.

Making Your Tomato Sauce Less Sweet:

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can try which will all contribute to balancing out the taste of your sauce. All of them are mentioned below:

  1. Adding More Volume

One of the most effective and straightforward solutions to your sauce being too sweet would be to add in more volume. In simple words, if the sweetness is caused by having too much sugar or sweetener in your recipe, simply increase the amount or volume of the sauce which should automatically balance it out.

You can gradually increase the volume by chopping fresh tomatoes, making a paste out of them by cooking them, after which try adding them to the main sauce. Do make sure that you keep tasting the sauce until it reaches the desired taste.

  1. Adding Acidity To The Sauce

Another quick and easy way you can balance the taste of your sauce is by making use of acids. You can use flavorless tartar cream or mustard which should both help in reducing the overall sweetness of the sauce.

If for some reason, you don’t have access to these acids, you can add a small amount of lemon juice or vinegar. Be sure to mix the sauce before you taste it. You will have to taste the recipe in order to know how much lemon juice or vinegar you will need to add.

  1. Spicing It Up!

Similar to the previous step mentioned in the list, you can also make use of salt or other spices. However, you have to make sure that you don’t add in too much of anything. Whether you decide to use salt or any other spice, you will have to keep tasting the sauce which should give you a better idea of how many ingredients you need to add.

One common way to make your sauce spicy is by adding chili peppers into the mix. Not only does it add an extra flavor of spice to your sauce, but you will also get to enjoy certain health benefits that it comes with.

The Bottom Line:

Is your tomato sauce too sweet? Sweetness in a tomato sauce is usually due to sugar or certain sweeteners added to it. Although there is no way of removing these ingredients, there are still multiple ways on how you can balance out the flavors. In order to learn more, be sure to read through the article!

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