Canning Chicken Stock Without A Pressure Canner? (Not Really Work)

canning chicken stock without a pressure canner
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canning chicken stock without a pressure canner

For every chicken lover out there, they would know that chicken broth provides the perfect taste in vegetables. Even more, it provides chicken flavor to the soups. On the other hand, if you are considering canning chicken stock without a pressure canner, we wouldn’t recommend it because it is only suitable for high-acid food items. So, in this article, we are sharing how you can conduct chicken stock canning with a canner. Have a look!

Process Of Canning Chicken Stock With A Pressure Canner:

Roasting Veggies & Chicken Bones

First of all, you need to remove the utilizable meat and make sure the chicken bones are put aside; you can use the kitchen shears to pull the bones apart. Once the bones are separated, just place the bones in the roasting pans and layer up the vegetables on the top. It would help if you roasted all this stuff in the oven. The veggies should come out charred, but the bones should be brown.

Then, you can take out the roasting pan and add everything to the huge stockpot. It is better that you add one cup of water in the pan that will deglaze the pan. Once the water starts steaming up, use a wooden spatula to scrape off the brown flavored pieces and add it in the pot.


You can add everything in the huge pot and layer everything with water. You should make the stuff boil on medium to high heat. Once everything boils up, you can lower the flame and heat and let them simmer for at least four hours. When the stock starts simmering, it will release the layer of impurities and fat on the top, in grey color. It is better that you remove this layer from the stock because it can adversely impact the taste of the stock.

Removing The Fats

Once you have cooked the stock, it is better that you remove the veggies and chicken bones and stain the leftover liquid and stock through a mesh sieve. You can put the stock in a large bowl and let it refrigerate overnight. Upon cooling, the fats will appear on the top and make sure to remove them. Removing the fats will be better because it leaves out the clear broth and lower fat proportion.

Canning The Stock In Pressure Canner

After removing the fats, bowl the stock on the medium-high flame because the stock should be warm when you want to can. Then, you should set up the pressure canner and sterilize the jars. Once you have sterilized the jars and the stock is warm, add it to the jars but make sure to leave the one-inch space on the top. Now, just put on the lid and insert the jars into the pressure canner.

Additional Tips

  • You should save the chicken bones in terms to collect enough for the stock
  • You should keep vegetable scraps in different freezer bags (scraps from previous cooking), which helps save new veggies
  • You should always let the stock simmer because it brings out the true flavor
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