5 Best Substitutes For Boneless Pork Shoulder

boneless pork shoulder substitute
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boneless pork shoulder substitute

Pork is one of the most popular and delicious meats out there. There is a wide range of pork cuts with significant flavors and different textures. One common meat cut is pork shoulder which has a delicious flavor, but the bone often disturbs the consumers. For this reason, we are sharing the boneless pork shoulder substitutes in this article!

Boneless Pork Shoulder Substitute:

Pork Shoulder – What Is It?

Pork shoulder is commonly known as picnic roast and picnic shoulder. It tends to have less marbling as well as intramuscular fat. Pork shoulder is generally available with the skin-on form. If you don’t know how to identify pork shoulder, it has a triangular and tapered shape. In case you get the boneless pork shoulder, it has netting, and when the netting is removed, pork will unfold into the meat layer, but it will be uneven. Now that you are clear about the pork shoulder, let’s have a look at the boneless substitutes!

1. Pork Butt

Pork butt also goes by the name of Boston butt, and it has an intramuscular fat, and fat is properly marbled around. For the most part, pork butt is sold with the fat cap (no, it is not removed). As far as appearance is concerned, pork butt has a uniform and rectangular shape. The best thing about pork butt is that it’s available in boneless as well as bone-in form. We have already mentioned that pork butt has thick fat marbling, and that makes it suitable for braising and stewing. In addition, it cooks up into meat that falls apart properly and can be used to make pulled pork for tacos and BBQ. Truth be told, the flavor is much better than pork shoulder.

2. Pork Roast

Another substitute for pork shoulder is the center-cut pork roast in the boneless form. It is actually one of the most popular cuts available in the butcher shops. The boneless pork roast is made by removing the bone, and the fat is generally cut away. As a result, the boneless pork roast looks like a lean meat muscle that can be easily carved. The pork roast can be easily bought from the grocery store and is actually pretty inexpensive to purchase. In the majority of cases, this cut can be used for cutting out the pork steaks. In addition, you will be able to cut out steaks and roasts from one piece.

3. Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steak is actually extremely famous, and the boneless configuration makes it a promising choice when you want to replace pork shoulder. It is basically the rib chop with the bone removed. It is cut out from the rib end from the pork loin. As far as the flavor is concerned, ribeye steak has a much sweet flavor and is a favorite among pork lovers. To illustrate, ribeye steak is a fine combination of flavor, sufficient fat content, and tender texture. Last but not least, it can be baked, grilled, and broiled.

4. Loin Steaks

In particular, you need to opt for the center cut loin steaks. This is pretty easy to find since it’s popular and can be easily bought from meat shops and grocery stores. In addition to pork shoulder, it’s also great for replacing beef strip steak. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that loin steaks are the meat’s eye and have a thin fat covering on the exterior edge. The meat cut can be cut into your desired thickness, which means the texture will be tender and lean. As for cooking, it can be grilled, fried, broiled, and baked. However, cooking loin steaks need precision because it’s a lean cut and tends to harden up when it’s not cooked properly.

5. Pork Escalopes

This is again a substitute for pork shoulder and is known to be a lean slice of pork meat. It is generally available in a pounded form which means it will be tenderer and thinner. Different meat cuts are used to cut our pork escalopes, but leg steak, pork tenderloin, and trimmed loin steaks are commonly used options. The best thing about pork escalopes is that it has a faster cooking time and can be marinated with seasoned breadcrumbs to improve the flavor. Lastly, it can be served with creamy mushroom sauce.

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