Why Does My Grill Smoke So Much? (9 Causes And Solutions)

why does my grill smoke so much
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why does my grill smoke so much

There is nothing better than finely-grilled food in summers, but grills aren’t easy to handle. For instance, many people struggle with smoking, and they end up asking, “why does my grill smoke so much?” If you are going through the same frustrating issue, we are sharing the reasons and how the smoke can be resolved!

Why Does My Grill Smoke So Much?

1. Excessive Grease

It’s pretty obvious that grills will have grease, but excessive grease is one reason behind the smoke. This is because when one or more of the grill’s elements are covered in the grease, and it’s heated up, it will result in smoking. So, the smoke might be because of the burning of the grease. For this reason, you need to keep the parts as clean as possible.

For this purpose, when you take out the food from the grill, you need to keep it open as it helps burn the grease. Even if you don’t use the grill regularly, make sure that you switch it on after a few weeks to ensure the grease buildup doesn’t occur.

2. Buildup Of Grease

Grease buildup is another reason behind the smoke. This is because when your grill is covered in grease, and the bottom area is simmered with a thick grease layer, the grill will create smoke when it warms up. The ultimate solution is cleaning the grill. We suggest that you hire professional cleaners because they have the right cleaning tools and soaps that clear off the grease.

3. Grill Element

When it comes down to the grills, the grill element is an essential part of the unit, and it needs to be on point. This is because the grill is highly likely to smoke when the grill element burns off. For this reason, you must check out the grill element and make sure it is still intact. If you see that it’s too chipped, it could be the reason behind the smoke. If that’s the case, you need to call the grill manufacturer and ask them to provide you with a new grill element.

4. Grill Pan

The grills are designed with a specialized grill pan. People often don’t clean the grill pan because they want to keep it seasoned. However, the development of grease on the grill pan could be the reason behind the smoke. For this reason, you need to check out the greased pan and make sure it is cleaned. If the grill pan is beyond cleaning, get yourself a new grill pan if you are done with smoke.

5. The Coating

If you are one of those who complain about smoke right after using the grill for the first time, that’s the only issue (yes, a new grill). This is because the new grills have the tendency to emit smoke with first-time uses. For this reason, it is suggested that you heat the grill for a few minutes (keep it empty) to let go off the smoke. As a result, the smoke won’t impact the food.

6. Food Residues

When you cook food on grills and don’t clean them up properly, you will have a smoke issue because the food residues burn on the plate. This is because when the old food residues are there while you put new food on the grill, the older food residues will burn and create smoke. For this purpose, it’s important that you clean the grill before you add new food.

7. Cleaning Products

This is another reason behind the smoke. Sure, you need to clean the grill regularly but make sure that you wipe off the cleaning product as well. This is because the cleaning product’s residues could be the reason behind smoking. In fact, that smoke will be more harmful, so learn to clean it properly and don’t leave behind the cleaning product.

8. Higher Pressure Settings

If you are using the gas grill, the high pressure can lead to higher heating flames, which cause smoke production. So, if you have the gas grill and are using high pressure, it’s time to lower down the pressure and watch the smoke issue settle away.

9. Charcoal

For people who are using charcoal grills, which type of charcoal you are using also impacts the smoke. This is because some varieties of charcoal tend to smoke more than other varieties. In the majority of cases, the moist charcoal will create smoke, so choose the right charcoal.

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