Why Does My Electric Oven Smell Like Lighter Fluid?

why does my electric oven smell like lighter fluid
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why does my electric oven smell like lighter fluid

The electric ovens are the epitome of convenience and functionality as you don’t have to go through extensive manual settings. These ovens are perfect for cooking food, but some users have been complaining about the electric ovens smelling like lighter fluids. In case you are having a similarly unpleasant experience, we are sharing some solutions with you!

Why Does My Electric Oven Smell Like Lighter Fluid?

The lighter fluids are usually highly inflammable, which means it can be extremely dangerous if your oven smells like lighter fluid. For this reason, it’s important to check the electric oven immediately to prevent fire-related accidents. So, in the section below, we are outlining some reasons and how they can be fixed.

1. Paint On The Walls

One of the most common reasons behind the lighter fluid smells coming out of the oven is freshly-painted walls around the oven. This is because, in the majority of cases, the wall paint has lighter fluids or kerosene, which could lead to the smell. In most cases, the smell is more evident when the kitchen is hot or has a warmer temperature.

For the most part, people believe that the smell will be gone when the paint dries up, but it’s hardly the case. The only solution to this problem is to open the windows and doors of the kitchen to ensure proper ventilation.

2. Leaking Gas

Leaking gas is another safety concern, which is why you need to be extremely diligent while outlining the primary source of the lighter fluid smell. So, if you think that the electric oven smells like lighter fluid, you need to look behind the oven. This is because the back of the oven has the main gas pipe, and the leaking pipe can result in such smells. If there is a leak in the pipe, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Secondly, you must check the gas fireplace if you have it in the house because it could be the reason behind light fluid smells. You must inspect the fireplace to detect the leaks and fix them. In addition to this, you must turn off the gas valves in the home when they are not in use. On top of everything, all the gas pipes in the home should be inspected and repaired or replaced accordingly.

3. Nearby Appliances

In most cases, the kitchens are filled with different appliances, and if your kitchen has other gas appliances connected around the electric oven, it could be the reason behind the smell. For this reason, you must check the appliances connected around the oven and make sure they are working properly and have no leaks.

4. General Gas Leak

It is needless to say that the homes are filled with different gas pipes, and the lighter fluid smell can also be caused by general gas leaks around the home. Keep in mind that if there are leaks in the gas pipelines, it’s a serious issue and should be fixed immediately. So, start testing every gas pipeline in your home and get them fixed as soon as possible.

5. The Zip Ties

The majority of electric ovens are designed with zip ties for securing the grilling and other parts of the oven during shipping and transit. So, if you have purchased a new electric oven and didn’t inspect it before switching it on, there are chances that the zip ties are burning, hence the smell. For this reason, you need to switch off the oven, let it cool down, and clear off the zip ties.

6. New Oven

If you are using a new electric oven, it could be the reason behind light fluid smells. This is because the ovens are coated with protective oils, and when they burn, it can result in a smell. So, it’s best that you clean the oven with soapy water but don’t forget to dry it up.

The Bottom Line

If these solutions have helped you get rid of the lighter fluid smell, it’s great. However, if you are still struggling with the smell, you need to call the gas repair expert to inspect the appliances and gas pipelines of the home. All in all, you must remember that gas leaks should be addressed as soon as possible because it’s unsafe!

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