Weber Charcoal Grill Not Getting Hot Enough: 3 Fixes

weber charcoal grill not getting hot enough
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weber charcoal grill not getting hot enough

Weber-Stephen Products is a private company from American that focuses on electrical, gas, and charcoal grills that can be used outdoors. The company also has tons of accessories that can be used along with these grills. If you are interested then you can visit their website to find all the products available as well all the information required about them.

Weber Charcoal Grill Not Getting Hot Enough

There is a huge lineup to select from which all vary in size and features. This is exactly why it is better to go through their specifications before deciding on a single product. You can even check reviews online to help you in deciding which grill you should be purchasing.

Although, people who already own these might sometimes get a few issues with them. One common is that the Webber charcoal grill is not getting hot enough. If you are getting this issue then here are some simple steps that should help you in fixing this.

  1. Check Air Dampers

When trying to use charcoal grills, people might think that the amount of coal they are putting in is the only thing that affects the heat of their equipment. However, you should note that this is not the case. Several things can affect how hot your grill and charcoals can get.

Considering this, the problem can be any of these depending on which one you forgot to do. The first thing that you should be keeping in mind is the air dampers provided by Weber on these grills.

You can adjust these to both increases or decrease the temperature within your grill. Considering this, the reason why your grill is not getting hot enough might be because you are not using the air dampers provided. There are a total of 5 options which range from adjusting how many dampers are open. When you completely close down these then the heat will be at the lowest possible state.

However, as you continue to open these dampers, the higher the temperature will be. Completely opening up the dampers will put you at the max range of temperature possible which falls between 450 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Talking about this, if you did not know that these dampers could be adjusted then that might be the cause of your issue. You can simply open your air vents or dampers to fix the problem and start cooking without any additional issues.

  1. Clean Up Charcoal Grill

If you have been using the Weber charcoal grill for quite some time now. Then keep in mind that is essential that you keep the equipment cleaned. This is because ash starts to fall off from the burnt coals which will gradually gather in your grill.

If you do not take this out then the ash can start to block the amount of heat within the grill. Considering this, simply cleaning up the equipment will fix your problem. Though, there are some other things that you need to take care of with this.

These include changing the coals and using fresh ones. If you keep using damp or old coal then the heating up process will not be the same. Getting back the ash can even block the air dampers which makes them stop working. So, if you were having any issues with the dampers on your grill not working then this should also be related to the amount of ash stuck in your grill. Make sure that you remove all the coal from it and completely clean your grill before using it again. This will ensure that you do not run into the same issue again.

  1. Use High-Quality Charcoal

Finally, one other thing that you can try doing to help with heating your grill is using high-quality charcoal. Although, keep in mind that the issue you were having should already be solved by following the steps mentioned above.

Using a high-grade fuel will just help you in heating the grill faster and having a better time cooking in it. Additionally, replacing the coal occasionally will also help in staying out of issues and having an enjoyable experience. If you still having any issues related to your grill then you can even contact the support team for Weber. They should be able to help you with most of your issues.

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