Why Is There White Slime On My Carrots?

white slime on carrots
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white slime on carrots

Carrots are some of the most popular vegetables in the whole world. They are used in a wide variety of recipes because of their taste. This notorious vegetable is known to be a perfect food for health as it is highly nutritious and is an excellent source of fiber, beta carotene, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamin K1.

Why Is There White Slime On My Carrots?

Just like most other vegetables, carrots can be stored inside a refrigerator to prevent them from going bad. However, we have been seeing certain users worried about a slimy substance on their baby carrots. Having no idea what the slimy texture on their carrots basically is, they are completely clueless.

In this article, we will be purely focusing on explaining this slimy texture that you may experience in your carrots. So, without wasting any time further, let’s take a further look!

What Is This Weird Texture?

Most usually the white slimy stuff you may notice on your carrots that have been stored inside a refrigerator is dehydration. This occurs when the cells inside a carrot are on the brink of completely drying out.

But whether these carrots are safe to eat is another question that might come into your mind. As this slimy substance is found on white carrots, they haven’t necessarily gone completely bad. However, once you notice any softness and slimy feels on a baby carrot, it is safe to assume that the carrot is starting to go bad. What’s even worse is that washing these carrots won’t get rid of this slime.

As explained earlier, the main reason why this happens is because of the cells that have started to dry out. While it is not really that dangerous to eat a slimy baby carrot most of the time, we still recommend you not eat these baby carrots. Luckily, there might be a way on how you can clean these baby carrots.

How Do You Clean Slime On These Carrots?

In order to clean the slime off the baby carrots, it is important that you keep in mind the process isn’t as simple as washing the carrots. It is most likely that there is already a thick layer of slime present in the carrot.

If you really want to save your baby carrots from this slime, then a good approach would be to peel off the outer layer of these carrots. The more you get to the center of the carrot, the better, as this part of the carrot should still be fresh.

Before you start peeling off the layer, we recommend you try to thoroughly rinse the carrot with water. We suggest using hot water after which you should use a towel which will help the carrots dry quicker. Although this won’t completely remove the slime from the carrots, it will help fasten the process as some part of the slime should now be removed.

Now, using any vegetable peeler, peel off the exposed parts of the carrots where you find the texture to be slimy. If you still notice the soft and slimy texture on the carrots even after rinsing and peeling some of the skin of the carrot, it is better you throw these carrots out as they have gone completely bad.

Can This Be Avoided?

In case you are wondering whether this can be avoided or not, you would be delighted to know that you can in fact avoid your carrots getting slimy and extend their life span. To do so, you will simply need to place the carrots inside of a refrigerator drawer. An even better precaution would be to store these carrots inside a plastic bag. Similarly, you can freeze carrots which could prolong their life before they start showing any signs of going bad.

The Bottom Line:

In case you notice white slime on your carrots, it is mainly caused due to moisture or being placed in a humid environment for too long. We strongly recommend you give this article a thorough read in order to learn more about these carrots.

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