What Is The Soup Setting On Instant Pot? Answered

What Is the Soup Setting on Instant Pot
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What Is the Soup Setting on Instant Pot

As you may already know, there aren’t many limits when you use an Instant Pot. It’s a handy little appliance and can be used for a number of different recipes. For example, you can use the pot for baking, boiling, pressure cooking, and more.

It’s initially a mixture of a pressure cooker and a slow cooker, meaning that it has more than one application which makes it a good tool to have in the kitchen.

All this variety and effectiveness is one of the main reasons why Instant Pots are so famous, and it could also be the reason why you may own one. Instant Pots are also pretty easy to use, although this is only true if you know what you’re doing.

For example, someone that’s using the device for the first time in their life will obviously struggle to operate it properly. On the other hand, someone that’s experienced and has been using Instant Pots for long will be able to navigate their way and cook whatever it is that they want.

There are many different options that people will have to learn more about in order to get familiar with the appliance. One of these options is the soup button. Find out what the soup button is and what it does in this guide.

Soup setting on instant pot
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What Is the Soup Setting on Instant Pot?

One thing that you may know about your Instant Pot is that it is quite convenient in the sense that it does a lot of the work for you. All you have to do is simply push a button and then the Instant Pot is able to handle everything most of the time.

One of the many buttons that you can push is the soup button. What this button is used for should be obvious. As you can guess from its name, the soup button on your instant pot is simply a button that you can press in order to prepare soup in your instant pot.

Once you are done preparing all the ingredients and following the recipe, all you’ll have to do is heat your soup and prepare it properly. Your Instant Pot will do this for you once you add all the ingredients and press the soup button. However, the operation on your instant pot may be different to other types of brands.

Advantages of the Soup Button

The purpose of the soup button on your Instant Pot is to prepare your soup with the right temperatures and correct duration so that the liquid doesn’t burn. Cooking soup in a traditional pot can take hours.

But, the pre-programmed soup button on an instant pot is designed to cook soup at a high pressure for 30 minutes. This means you can cook soup quicker which is ideal during the winter months. Another advantage of the soup button is that it requires little to no work from you.

In traditional pots you have to slow cook the soup and stir it every once in a while to prevent it from burning. But with an instant pot you can simply place your ingredients in the pot, press the soup button and voila! Everything is done for you.

Disadvantages of Making Soup in an Instant Pot

In short, the soup button is a convenient way of preparing soup easily. However, whether or not you wish to use it is up to you. While you may think that preparing your soup inside of the Instant Pot is easy and has no downsides, the latter may not be true.

Preparing thicker soups, such as tomato soup, inside your Instant Pot can have some downsides. For example, some problems with sealing can occur. However, this isn’t the important part. You can avoid any sort of issues with your pot once you know what you’re doing.

Your Instant Pot won’t provide any troubles if you do everything the right way, even if preparing thick soup is the thing you want to do. Simply use the soup button on your Instant Pot to make things easier for yourself and you won’t face any problems that you can’t easily overcome.

Why Use the Soup Button on an Instant Pot?

When you use the soup button it cooks liquids a specific way so that your soup doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot or burn. It’s recommended that you don’t use other pre-programmed settings when cooking soup because the results may not be the same.

Making soap using instant pot setting
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Your soup may come out too runny or it may not cook the vegetables properly. But if you use the soup button on your Instant Pot, your dish will come out exactly the way you want it to with no problems with undercooked or overcooked veggies.

How to Use the Soup Button on an Instant Pot

Not many people will know how to operate an Instant Pot for the first time. If you’re unsure you can always refer to your instructions manual. For a quick rundown, follow these easy steps:

  1. Turn the Instant Pot on by pressing the On button.
  2. Add your liquids, veggies, meats and seasonings to the pot and mix well.
  3. Secure the lid on to the pot.
  4. Press the soup button. When you press this button the display will show 30 minutes normal at high pressure.
  5. Press the soup button again to adjust the mode to Normal, Less or More which changes the cooking time to 30 minutes, 20 minutes or 4 hours.
  6. Use the +/- button to customize your time.

Final Thoughts

Fresh vegetable soup on spoon made of green bean, pea, carrot, potato, pepper, tomato and leek
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Now that you know what the soup button is on your Instant Pot you can use it to make delicious chicken, tomato or even butternut soup.

Another tip is that hard veggies such as potatoes don’t need to be cooked at a full 20 minutes because they can become too soft. So if you’re cooking vegetables soups cooking it at high temperatures for five to ten minutes will do the trick. Use the tips in this guide to assist you further.

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