Compare Steak Fries vs French Fries: What’s the Difference

steak fries vs french fries
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steak fries vs french fries

French fries are the most famous form of fried potatoes. However, the newly introduced steak fries are also becoming quite a popular alternative to french fries. There are various types of french fries now available, including curly fries, waffle fries, crinkle-cut fries, and steak fries.

Let’s find out what all the fuss is about down below.

French Fries vs Steak Fries

What Makes French Fries So Popular?

French fries are commonly called fries or chips in most countries. They are fried potatoes with some seasoning like salt and spices. However, some countries do not add any spice or salt. No matter what restaurant you step in, you will find french fries either along with the main course or served as an appetizer.

They are not only served as sidelines and many countries serve french fries as the whole dish along with mayonnaise and ketchup. However many people have come with healthy versions of french fries and this is how different types of french fries are made.

There are now baked variants of french fries available. Some of them are made with sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. In an attempt to use less or no oil at all, some people bake slices of sweet potato or potato to make french fries.

4 Forms of French Fries You Can Try

1.    Curly Fries

There are various other versions of french fries apart from steak fries for example curly fries. Curly fries are a version of fried potatoes which are curled to enhance its taste and crispiness. They usually come with cayenne pepper, onions, and garlic powder, along with the dust of paprika which adds extra taste to french fries.

2.    Waffle Fries

French fries are also available in a Waffle fries version. These fries are available with that lattice pattern which can make them crispy in a very balanced amount. They are pretty good to have in your breakfast and you can have them along with scrambled eggs as well. They can be better than regular french fries because of the extra added crunchiness and taste.

3.    Crinkle-Cut

You must have also heard of crinkle cut fries as one other type of french fries. These are an unnatural form of french fries because they are cut with a machine that makes sure that every fry is of the same size and shape. Their fine and perfect cutting makes them very crunchy.

4.    Tornado Fries

These are the type of fries that were invented by tornado fries company, however, it later got copied by other sellers as well. They are made by cutting a single potato in a spiral form with some gadget. Some of the tornado fries are wrapped around a hot dog just for a twist.

What Makes Steak Fries a Competitor?

Steak fries are a variant of french fries that is healthier and has less oil as they’re not deep-fried. Steak fries are cut into larger pieces and then baked to make crispy and delicious potato or sweet potato slices. However, steak fries are comparatively very thick as compared to normal french fries.


Among all the other types of french fries, Steak fries are considered healthy because of less use of oil however their taste is not as good as any other type of french fries. People still go for steak fries and consider it as one of an alternative to french fries to maintain a healthy diet.


Unlike most of the french fries, steak fries come along with skin as they are baked with skin attached to the potato for health reasons. Letting skin stay on the Steak fries, makes them more lovely and crispy adding up more taste to them as well.


Steak fries usually fail to maintain the texture unlike all the other french fries because they have a ratio of interior to the exterior surface with a large amount of interior soft potato and less crispy and stretchy area. They are often very thick and large which makes them not acceptable for so many people.

Steak fries are not a bad option if you want to carry a healthy diet and have less oil consumption. Moreover, they are great for having as a sideline along with your favorite burger because they can provide you with a very optimum amount of soft and juicy potato along the skin and crispy exterior.

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