4 Ways To Keep French Fries Warm

how to keep french fries warm
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how to keep french fries warm

French fries don’t taste as good as they are if you try to reheat them. But it can be amazing if you keep them warm until you get hungry again. Keeping your fries warm can be tricky because they can get soggy and soft if you put them in airtight containers.

Here we have listed easy and successful ways of keeping your french fries warm.

How To Keep French Fries Warm?

1. Keep In Aluminium Foil

The best way to keep your french fries warm and help them retain their temperature is to put them in Aluminium foil so that the heat doesn’t leave out of the foil.

2. Keep In Cloth

Keeping your french fries in a thick cloth can make them retain the heat without getting soggy and soft. The cloth can also act as an insulator for the heat.

3. Keep In Hotpot

Hot pots are the best way to store your food and let it stay warm for a longer duration. Keeping your french fries in a hot pot can make them stay warm for a very long time because they are made with double-layer insulation.

4. Keep in Paper Packaging

If you put your fries open exposed to the air then it can cause moisture and heat loss from your crispy fries. However, if you put them in styrofoam or plastic packaging then it can keep them warm successfully but your fries will lose their crispy texture and will start to wilt.

Wilting of fries can occur because plastic containers can cause steaming and condensation inside the packaging which will make your fries soggy. However, using paper packaging or cardboard packaging will allow ventilation of all the steam. This way the steam will move out and the packaging can breathe allowing crispiness to be retained.

3 Tips To Maintain Both Texture And Warmth

Make Holes In Your Container

To allow ventilation you can also make vent holes in your packaging that are large enough allowing all the steam to move out of the packaging. These vent holes allow airflow and prevent steam from causing moisture in your french fries. Moreover, you must make sure that they are not large enough to make your fries lose the heat.

The Wrapping Should Not Be Too Tight

If you make your packaging too tight then it can build up moisture inside. The moisture can cause your fries to be soft and soggy. You must make sure that you have not wrapped your french fries too tight in the packaging.

Do Not Reheat Using Microwave

If you have left your fries to be cold and dried because you are planning to reheat them using the microwave, then don’t! Reheating your french fries in the microwave will make them soft and lose their texture. Not only the fries will lose the texture but the oil in the fries will feel rancid and too old.

Hopefully, this blog helps you in letting your fries be warm and crispy at the same time.

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