Holes In Sweet Potato: The Causes & Is It Safe To Eat?

holes in sweet potato
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holes in sweet potato

Is there anyone present in the globe who will say no to sweet potatoes? I guess there are only a few who do not want to have sweet potatoes. But many people love to have sweet potatoes as a primary or side dish. 

It is one of the most preferred dishes globally, and their demand increases during the winter season. But, there exist some issues related to sweet potatoes that need to be resolved. The most common of them are holes in sweet potato. It is one of the most common issues faced by people. Here in the article, we will let you know everything about holes in sweet potatoes.

What Causes Holes In Sweet Potatoes?

If you want to know about the holes in the sweet potato and what causes those holes, this article is the perfect place. The holes in the sweet potatoes are widely witnessed during the harvest season, and they can affect the entire crop if not resolved at the early stage.

The reason why do we see holes in the sweet potato is due to the wireworms. This type of worms is found in the root crops and may affect sweet potato to the extent that they remain of no use. Wireworms affect the sweet potato crop and make them bad enough to utilize.

Is Sweet Potato With Holes Bad?

People may think that those sweet potatoes that possess holes are bad to eat. But, it is not the case all of the time. Not all of the sweet potatoes that have spotted are bad. Many of you may argue that sweet potatoes with holes are bad as they contain worms and pests. But, a few of us know that those worms and pests do not exist when you grab the bag of sweet potatoes to your home. So, do not waste the sweet potatoes with holes. Instead of cutting them with care, and you are good to eat them.

Can You Use Sweet Potatoes With Holes?

When sweet potatoes with holes reach your kitchen, the worms and other pests may have left the sweet potato. They enter the crop during the harvest season and then leave it after some time. But, the hole remains in the sweet potatoes. These holes are tiny enough that you cannot get rid of it except for some big holes.

So, if you have sweet potatoes with holes in your kitchen and you do not want to waste it, then you must first of all check whether there are worms in it or not. Most of the time, they’re not present in the sweet potatoes, but there are some rare cases. So, check for the pests and worms while peeling the sweet potato, and if there is nothing like it, you are good to eat them.


We have tried to give you the best knowledge about the sweet potatoes with holes in the draft. It is good for our health not to eat those sweet potatoes with holes, but it is not always better to waste them. Follow the article, and you will get to know everything about sweet potatoes with holes.

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