Undercooked Sweet Potato: 5 Tips and How To Fix The Dishes

undercooked sweet potato
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undercooked sweet potato

Are you one of those people who love to satisfy their appetite with soft yet tender quick meals? If yes, then you might have already been well known for Sweet Potatoes! These delicious and super nutritious underground tubers are supposed to be super soft yet tenderly delicious when cooked.

However, people make horrible mistakes of undercooking sweet potatoes which of course ruins the entire taste and essence. In this blog post, we will walk you through some ways to prevent undercooking your sweet potatoes. Moreover, we will also tell you some ways to fix undercooked sweet potatoes. Stay with us!

Why Does My Sweet Potatoe Always Turn Out Undercooked?

There is nothing more hurting than your sweet potatoes feeling hard to your teeth. Sweet potatoes are supposed to be juicy, tender, and a blissful snack, and having it ruined can be disheartening. The size of sweet potatoes varies to different extents so you really can’t decide which one to cook for more than 445 minutes. 

To get your sweet potatoes cooked to perfection without leaving a chance to go them undercooked, you need to know a few things. Avoid a few things in order to prevent undercooking sweet potatoes.

Here you go!

  1. Buy The Clear Ones, Ignore The Bruised Ones:

First of all, we are not ugly-shaming vegetables. (Seriously, though!). But make sure you buy the blemishes-free and bruise-free sweet potatoes. Buying the bruised ones might take an unusual time to cook. 

  1. Keep The Sweet Potatoes In A Cool Place, Not Refrigerator:

DO NOT STORE THE SWEET POTATOES IN REFRIGERATOR! It is one of the cruelest things you can do to your sweet potatoes. The structures become pretty hard, and few spots miss being cooked thoroughly. Try to place the sweet potatoes in a cool shady place.

  1. Start Washing And Scrubbing Before Cooking:

Always NEVER skip the washing and scrubbing part. Make sure you remove any dirt or grid, so sweet potatoes are cooked thoroughly and properly.

  1. Never Skip To Soak Your Sweet Potatoes In Cold Water:

Suppose you have been skipping keeping your sweet potatoes in water before cooking. Trust me you would hardly get all the sides of your delicious tuber cooked.

  1. Keep A Constant Check!

A constant check is essential. Take care of your sweet potatoes when you drop them down in a pot to get cooked.

Can I Fix My Already Undercooked Sweet Potatoes?

Yes, you can, by applying quick tactics to fix the undercooked sweet potatoes. Make sure you refer carefully to the factors mentioned above to cook your sweet potatoes thoroughly. Well, if you already have them undercooked. Follow this!

  1. Microwave The Undercooked Ones:

First of all, scoop out all the mashed part and then put the undercooked sweet potatoes in a microwave. They will get soft and tender, just like they are supposed to be.

  1. Slow Cook:

Again, you can slow-cook the uncooked sweet potatoes in a crockpot.

Undercooked sweet potatoes are too much far from being edible. Make sure you follow the given tips and avoid under-cooking.

undercooked sweet potato
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