Are French Fries Edible If Left Outside Overnight?

french fries left out overnight
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french fries left out overnight

It can be disheartening to find out that you have forgotten your french fries over the countertop for the whole night. However, you would still want to save them because you have a great love for french fries. This is very relatable, and to find out our opinion, read ahead.

How Long can French Fries be Left Outside?

Generally, cooked french fries start to develop bacterial growth on them, if they are left exposed to air at room temperature. They will even have bacterial growth in a zipped pouch or inside any package. If the temperature outside is between 40°F to 140°F then your french fries can catch bacterial growth easily.

In sealed packed containers, the fries will be having moisture along with a feasible temperature for bacterial growth, and that will accelerate the growth of the bacteria. This makes it quite obvious that french fries do not remain consumable if they are left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

According to most food technologists, it is best to consume freshly cooked food to prevent the chances of food poisoning.

Are French Fries Edible if Left Outside Overnight?

NO! Your French fries will start developing bacteria if they are left for more than two hours at room temperature. And eating up bacterial infected food can cost you to have food poisoning. If bacterias enter our system through bad food, they may release toxins. The certain toxins released by bacterias are poisons.

The same poison causes food poisoning and all of its symptoms. Symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting. Food poisoning is a term used to describe the kind of illness which can come in case of eating any stale or contaminated food. This indicates that it is not suitable to eat fries that are left outside overnight because they are now contaminated with bacterial colonies.

What Famous Brands Do To Prevent Food Poisoning From Stale Fries?

Brands like McDonald’s care about its customers and they will offer you an exchange of cold fries if they are served by mistake. You must have seen it a lot of times on Reddit threads, that people come asking if they can get fresh fries at McDonald’s? However, that means the employees have to produce a whole new batch just for you. When the store is busy the same employees can be seen as very unwelcoming. But they will never disappoint you in providing fresh fries.

Not only this, but McDonald’s offers so much protocol for their customers, and it allows you to change your fries if they have added salt and you don’t want to consume it. However, most Macdonald’s employee prefers providing you with fresh fries rather than making a new batch without salt specifically for you. 

Hopefully, this blog helped you in dealing with your left out French Fries.

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