3 Steps To Resolve Roux Not Thickening

roux not thickening
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roux not thickening

Even though the recipe instructions cover every step in detail, it is quite challenging to manage the texture and final flavor of the dish. This is why it is always better to experiment with the instructions a few times and check the flavor and consistency of the mixture throughout the cooking process. Both of these techniques will give you better control over the final flavor, and your Roux will come out with a phenomenal flavor. 

You will often notice users complaining about their Roux not thickening even though they are following recipe instructions carefully.  If you’re also having the same problem with your recipe, then the following list of solutions will help you overcome this problem with the mixture. 

Roux Not Thickening

1. Use More Flour

The amount of flour in your Roux will ultimately define the texture and constituency of the sauce. So, if you’re dealing with a situation where Roux won’t thicken the sauce, then you need to shift your focus towards increasing the use of flour in the recipe. Using an increased amount of liquid might make the mixture easier to handle, but you won’t ever be able to achieve a good consistency while using more liquid mixture in your recipe. 

So, if your roux is not thickening, then you will have to increase the flour in the roux. That way, it will directly increase the thickness of the mixture and the sauce. Increasing or decreasing the amount of flour in the Roux will give you more control over the final consistency of the sauce. Ideally, going with a one-to-one ratio of flour, liquid, and butter will help you achieve the perfect texture. 

With that said, you can increase or decrease the amount of flour in the roux to further personalize the mixture. So, make sure to experiment with different proportions of flour and liquid, and it will help you perfectly manage the thickness of the sauce.

2. Manage Temperature

The temperature of the liquid and the roux mixture also contribute a great deal towards the thickness of the sauce. So, even if you manage the proportions of flour to liquid, there is no guarantee that the sauce will thicken unless you keep the temperature within an optimal range. 

Ideally, you need to manage a temperature variation between the liquid and the roux. If both of the mixtures are within a similar temperature range, then you will end up with a lumpy texture. So, to avoid this outcome, you need to either use a hot roux with cold liquid or practice the use of a cool roux with sizzling liquid. Both of these options will help you maintain the thickness of the recipe while still maintaining the original flavor. 

All in all, the temperature of the roux should not match with the flavor of the liquid. So, if you’re struggling with roux, not thickening, there is a good chance you’re trying to add hot roux with hot sauce. Just cool down one of the mixtures and try to merge them again. Hopefully, the sauce will start thickening perfectly.

3. Manage Quantity

Along with the two solutions mentioned above, you can also achieve better results with the roux, not thickening by managing the amount of liquid you add to the roux mixture. Ideally, you should start by adding small proportions of liquid to the roux until it gets absorbed into the mixture. Otherwise, the sauce will not thicken properly, and you will be left with a lumpy consistency to the liquid. 

A common mistake that most people make is that they will add all the liquid of the sauce to the roux, and it won’t blend with the mixture. So, to avoid this problem, you should start slow and limit the amount that you’re adding to the solution. That way, it will be much easier to manage the consistency of your sauce. 

All in all, these three solutions will help you deal with a situation where your roux is not thickening. In most stations, using more flour will do the trick. But you can always rely on temperature management to enhance the effectiveness of the sauce mixture. Hopefully, all these methods will help you better manage the texture of your sauce while still maintaining the original flavor. 

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  1. Just a memory I thought I’d share. This brings us laughs every Thanksgiving at my expense. I was making gravy for our meal and indeed it was NOT thickening. I kept adding more flour and it wasn’t thickening it at all. After wondering how all that “flour” could possibly have done nothing, I realized I was using 10X sugar! Now I keep them separated in the kitchen.

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