Is It Safe To Make Popcorn In Rice Cooker?

rice cooker popcorn
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rice cooker popcorn

Popcorn making may seem like a daunting task but quite surprisingly, it’s not. Popcorn making requires you to know two things, temperature, and oil type.

Popcorn kernels will only pop inside a ripping hot pan with surface temperature exceeding 100 degrees Celsius. Such high temperatures cause low smoke point oils to burn, effectively charring the popcorns’ flavor. Only high smoke point oils, like the canola oil, can cook popcorns properly without burning.

Making Popcorn In Rice Cooker?

A rice cooker has to reach boiling temperatures to cook rice – a temperature all rice cookers achieve. But normally a rice cooker cannot create surface temperatures higher 100 degrees Celsius. Because as a safety mechanism, rice cookers lower the heat to avoid rice burning. Thus we can safely conclude that the rice cooker is not designed to cook corn kernels.

But since there is heat and we humans are stupidity adventurous, there is a way to cook corn kernels inside a rice cooker. The technique itself is fairly dangerous, some of its dangers involve, burning, rice cooker malfunction, and a fat hospital bill.

To achieve a ripping hot bottom you will have to forcefully press the on button. Doing so will keep the heat from turning off and will effectively raise the rice cookers’ surface temperature above 100 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature is achieved, cooking corn kernels becomes an easy thing.

Let’s talk about what can go wrong when cooking popcorn inside a rice cooker.

Hot oil is dangerous and can cause severe skin burns. Although it’s fairly safe if you’re using a high-end rice cooker. But since you’re doing something out of order it can ultimately cause a horrific accident.

Thermal fuse, thermostat, and the heating element. All three of them are extremely essential to create and maintain stable heat. Cooking popcorn requires you to push the heat button forcefully. This forceful exertion can ruin anyone of the three essential components. Sometimes even all three of them can get severely damaged. Thus instead of frying corn kernels, you will be frying your rice cooker and eventually your face.

Although some of these components are cheap, if all three of them got damaged, then it will most certainly toast your rice cooker. Throw this one away and buy a new 100 dollars rice cooker, because you had just ruined yours while cooking a 2 dollar popcorn.

Cooking popcorn in a rice cooker is not worth the risk. A hot pan on a cooking stove does a better job of cooking popcorn and is less risky. At the end rice cooker is made to cook rice, it’s not a multi-cooker Instant pot. Even instant pots are less efficient than pots when it comes to cooking popcorn.

So if you have planned an economical budget, using a rice cooker as a popcorn making machine will interfere with that. Not only will you lose your rice cooker you might also incur a ten thousand dollars’ worth of hospital bills.

No matter what anyone else tells you or what you might have heard. We advise you against using a rice cooker as a popcorn machine.

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