Ninja Foodi Grill Emitting Smoke: 6 Ways To Fix

ninja foodi grill emitting smoke
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ninja foodi grill emitting smoke

Imagine waiting for the food to cook up, and it starts releasing smoke; that’s scary for sure! Similarly, people are complaining about Ninja Foodi grill emitting smoke. Generally, people don’t know much about the smoke issue. So, let’s check out what can be done about the smoke issue!

Ninja Foodi Grill Emitting Smoke

1) Fatty Food

To begin with, if you are cooking fatty or greasy food, there are chances it’s causing the smoke issue. It’s because the fatty or greasy food will drip oil/grease in the Ninja Foodi grill. This oil/grease will result in the smoke issue when it’s splattered on the heating element. However, if this is why the grill is emitting smoke, it will be accompanied by burnt smoke. In case you aren’t cooking any such food, check out the next point!

2) Is It Really Smoke?

Once you are sure that you aren’t cooking fatty or greasy food items, you must confirm if it’s steam or smoke. This is because people often confuse steam with white smoke. The steam is pretty common with Ninja Foodi grill, and you don’t need to worry about it. On the other hand, if there is a burning smell with it, move to the following points!

3) Heating Element

The heating element is an essential part of the Ninja Foodi grill for sure. In case the grill is emitting smoke, you must check the heating element and make sure it’s not dirty. The users must ensure that the Foodi grill is clean. After every use, it’s best to wipe clean the heating element (inside and out) and make sure to clear the food particles or grease on it.

In addition to cleaning the food particles or grease from the heating element, you must clean the coils a well. Lastly, check the bottom side of the Ninja Foodi grill and wipe it clean. Once the Ninja Foodi grill is clean, the smoke issue will be resolved.

4) Too Much Food

If users overcrowd the Ninja Foodi grill, there are higher chances of smoke emitting. The users must reduce the quantity of food. This is because if you have added too much food, more oil will splatter the heating element. As a result, the smoke will start emitting. For this reason, you need to switch off the Ninja Foodi grill and reduce the quantity of food.

5) Burnt Food

There are times when people set the temperature higher than needed, and it burns the food. When the food is burnt in the grill, the smoke starts emitting. In addition to this, if the food particles are splattering on the heating element, it can lead to smoke. This is an important point to consider because hot air can blow the food particles around and result in smoking issues.

6) Add Water

If the smoke is still emitting from the Ninja Foodi grill, you will need to add water to the bottom of the basket. This is because adding water will reduce the chances of splattering. In addition to water, you can also place a slice of bread as it absorbs excess oil or water.

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