Melted Chocolate Won’t Harden: 4 Reasons

melted chocolate won't harden
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melted chocolate won’t harden

Chocolate is a special, cherished, and widely consumed item worldwide. It is used in ice-cream, pastry, brownies, and countless other forms. The sweet, creamy, and mouthwatering taste of chocolate outshines it from any other sweet ingredient.  If you mix different ingredients with chocolate, you get a new dish every time. You can make a variety of desserts using chocolate. At the same time, it requires skill to cook chocolate dishes perfectly. One of the problems one faces is the melted chocolate is not settling well. The unsettled chocolate is not appealing, and the taste is also compromised. It is pivotal to settle the chocolate perfectly.

Chocolate is tempered to be used in candies. Properly tempered chocolate gives the best shiny look and does not melt.

It gives you the necessary energy and improves your mood. It presents a lot of health benefits. It has many nutrients and enhances brain functioning, and reduces heart diseases. It improves blood flow, and your veins and arteries work better due to chocolate. Over usage of chocolate, dishes can have adverse effects on the health of a person. Its high fat and sugar content can cause obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Melted Chocolate Won’t Harden

Many factors could cause this problem. So, you have to follow the instructions with the utmost care to get the perfect tempered chocolate.

1) Shortage of seed chocolate:

One of the reasons for the chocolate not settling is the lack of seed chocolates in the tempering process. The tempering process includes the formation of crystals after cooling the chocolate. When it is well crystalized, we increase the heat and keep it solidified. The shortage of seed chocolates leads to a lack of seed crystals. This would eventually not allow the cocoa butter to take crystallized form. So, you have to balance the concentration of seed chocolates in the dish.

2) The tempering process is not well followed:

The tempering process must be done correctly. The rise and fall of the temperature while stirring helps you settle the chocolate. If the chocolate is well tempered, chocolate will settle while keeping it at any temperature.

3) Correct temperature:

The type of chocolate is vital in the tempering process. Each type has a narrow range of temperature for settling the chocolate. For white chocolate, the temperature should be between 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, 84-86 for milk chocolate, and 86-88 for dark chocolate. So, use a thermometer to check it.

4) Settling of chocolate at room temperature:

If the chocolate is tempered perfectly, you can even settle the chocolate at room temperature. Place it in a cold room temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and within 5 to 7 minutes, it will settle perfectly, and then it’s time to enjoy. 

Making chocolate desserts is a fun activity. Tempering requires expertise and focus. So, if you love to play around with ingredients in your kitchen, go through the fixes we have told you. The problem of melted chocolate won’t harden should not trouble you more. Happy Cooking!

melted chocolate won't harden
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