Can I Use A Glass Bowl In A Pressure Cooker? (Answered)

can i use a glass bowl in a pressure cooker
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can i use a glass bowl in a pressure cooker

Have you ever used a pressure cooker before? If no, then you must be asking questions like “How to use a pressure cooker?” Or “Can I use a glass bowl in a pressure cooker?” Here to answer all your queries, we will help you figure out what type of bowls can be used within a pressure cooker.

What’s A Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is a sealed vessel that can be used to prepare food quickly. It works by a pressure that is built inside the pot. This is what helps to cook the food faster than normal. Water is also used inside the pressure cooker that is converted into steam. It is responsible for building up high pressure and in this way the food is cooked much faster. The higher the heat inside the pot, the faster the food cooks.

What Kinds Of Glass Bowls Can I Use In A Pressure Cooker?

You don’t have to put the food directly into pressure cookers. For this purpose, special containers are used. Can I use a glass bowl in a pressure cooker? Yes but only over tempered glass bowls and pans can be used inside the pressure cookers or the one you use normally in your microwave oven. For it’s alternate, metal bowls and pans are also used inside the pressure cooker.

Avoid using light glass utensils and plastic containers inside the pressure cooker as they can break or melt inside it due to the overwhelming pressure and heat. Mostly the containers are used inside it to make desserts or cakes. A lifter is used to put the bowl inside the pressure cooker to make sure your body doesn’t go in contact with the hot surface of the cooker. You can also make the lifter using the aluminum foil.

Why Should We Use Only Specific Glass Bowls?

It is important to choose the specific kind of bowl to use inside the pressure cooker, as it itself is a kind of bomb due to the high pressure inside it. Can I use a glass bowl in a pressure cooker? Yes, but always make sure you use thick glass bowls so they don’t break inside the cooker and you can cook your food safely. These kinds of bowls are mostly heavy. You can read the instructions on the bowl before buying it whether it can be suitable for a pressure cooker or not.

You should always take precautions first. Read the instruction manual of the pressure cooker before using it. Don’t rush with the cooking. Take safety measures. And the most important thing never put an empty cooker on the stove because it’ll be harmful to you and your family.

Can I Use A Glass Bowl In A Pressure Cooker? 

So, can I use a glass bowl in a pressure cooker? Of course, you can. But the quality of that glass matters the most. Only that glass can be used that can withstand the high temperature of steam present inside the pressure cooker. Make sure to tell the shop keeper that you are buying a glass bowl that can be used in a pressure cooker to avoid any unfortunate consequences afterward.

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